Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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Dallmeier acquires davidiT GmbH, an IT specialist for data, audio and video and converging networks.

“Acquiring davidiT GmbH will allow us to strengthen our position on the IT market and to further invest in the IT business sector,” Dieter Dallmeier said, stating the reasons for this acquisition.

davidiT is an IT company that has specialised in value-added services in the IP video surveillance sector and the complementary IT technologies based on it.

The company had already been working together with renowned manufacturers such as Dallmeier in the video sector.


davidiT GmbH is a valuable partner for Dallmeier’s improving strategic positions on the IT market with a large number of partnerships and contacts with well-known IT companies, systems vendors and German ITC groups.

To Dieter Dallmeier, the acquisition of davidiT GmbH is a logical step in the context of Dallmeier’s IT strategy and the company’s consistent strategic orientation towards the increasingly IT-based video market. He explained, “We see davidiT as a link and interface between Dallmeier and providers of network-based video security technology and involved IT actors on the side of the partners and end-users, given the progressive convergence of physical security, such as video surveillance, and IT.”

To this end, davidiT’s future area of responsibility within the Dallmeier group will include strategic and operational business development for the IT market as well as designing and organising partner programmes for the IT channel, including IT partner acquisition and IT partner certification. davidiT GmbH will continue to act as an internal and external service provider within the Dallmeier group, offering a complete range of high-quality IT services in conjunction with IP video projects, including pre-sales consulting for product selection and designing of convergent, high-performing and professional video networks, training, support for project planning and project assistance, as well as comprehensive support.

davidiT is also an active member in multiple IT networks, such as the Bavarian IT-Security & Safety Cluster or the Network for Innovative Logistics, which have made it their objective to streamline the strengths of each member company and to offer integrated solutions in so doing. In the Convergence Area group, a network of specialists in different areas of IT and venue security, the focus is on developing solutions for holistic company security. The Convergence Area partners have implemented an unprecedented integration of individual security systems into one complete system for comprehensive IT and venue security. This is an example of the wide range of promising opportunities afforded by the convergence of video and IT.

Photo above:- Jürgen Seiler, Managing Director at davidiT GmbH, and Dieter Dallmeier

About Dallmeier
Dallmeier has more than 25 years of experience in transmission, recording and picture processing technology and is an outstanding pioneer of CCTV/IP solutions worldwide. Profound knowledge is used in the development of intelligent software and the production of high-quality recorder- and camera technologies. It enables Dallmeier to offer not only stand-alone systems but also complete network solutions up to large-scale projects with perfectly coordinated components. 
From the very beginning the company always focused on its own innovative developments and highest quality and reliability. Dallmeier is the only manufacturer in Germany that develops and manufactures all components on its own. This includes the entire product range, from cameras to picture storage and transmission to intelligent video analysis and even individually adjusted management systems. Quality made by Dallmeier, made in Germany! This and the extensive experience in the CCTV and IP field have lead to a top position in the international market for digital video surveillance systems. - -


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