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So would you like to play "Spot the CCTV Camera?". Eagle eyed visitors may recognise the profusion of street furniture, surrounding a single heritage dome camera keeping watch over part  of Londons' prestigious Oxford Street shopping area.

All the bolt on bits of equipment ...
that make a CCTV system fly!

Doktor Jon looks at CCTV peripherals

Having already explored all the conventional technology associated with modern CCTV systems, there are in fact many other pieces of specialist equipment, which are rarely if ever mentioned in polite conversation. Whilst it’s relatively straightforward to design a complex system using many ‘off the shelf’ components, some of the more interesting bits are a little more difficult to come by. Video Motion Detection (VMD) has been around for years, and yet is still somewhat misunderstood. Time and Date Generators, Caption Generators, Video Loss Alarms, Video Distribution Amps., Video Printers, Bulk Tape Erasers, Test equipment ... the list goes on. And don’t forget the dumb stuff, like signage, bracketry, supporting columns and towers; without most of which, no self respecting camera would be able to look you in the eye.

Video Motion Detection (VMD) - If it moves in the picture, you'll know about it; an unblinking security guard or a blinking waste of money?

Time and Date Generators (TDG) - If you would like to set an accurate time and date display, you will need a TDG,
but if you want to overlay a variety of text information onto your security video recordings, then you have to use a
Caption Generator

Video Loss Alarms (VLA) - Technical failure or first signs of attack; a video loss alarm can make all the differance.

Video Distribution Amplifiers (VDA) - Send your pictures all over the shop - a VDA is often a system builders, very best friend.

Video Printers - When you absolutely must have that picture in your hand, exactly what are the options?

Ancillary equipment- A Bulk Eraser for videocassettes, Pulse Generator or signal test generators, RF Modulators , Luma Key, Lux Meter, Lightning and electronic surge protectors, Video Isolation Transformers, and more besides.

Image Stabilisation equipment - (page under construction).

Legally compliant signage - It’s one thing to catch ‘em 'at it', but you don’t want to let them go on a technicality. Crooks absolutely hate signs ... sometimes!

Brackets and support devices - For top quality pictures of a hold up, you first have to hold up the camera.

The unique "TRUSTED" National CCTV Improvement Campaign

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