Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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American Fibertek Debuts New Software for Video Management And System Activity Control

Birmingham, UK (May 14, 2012) – Two new software releases that improve video management and control activities are featured by American Fibertek Inc. (AFI) at IFSEC. Pilot v.5 Video Management Software delivers advanced system functionality and broader industry compatibility while the newly developed AFI-2089 Virtual Keyboard does all the heavy lifting of the American Dynamics’ physical keyboard at half the price and none of the weight.


“As video surveillance and security systems become more complex and interwoven with business objectives, improved integration and control of the systems is even more critical for the enterprise,” said Jack Fernandes, President and CEO of AFI. “Our new software solutions address these issues with features that provide advanced functionality and system control. We’ve also designed in broader compatibility and an ease of use to help streamline operational tasks and ensure more convenient usage.”

Pilot v.5 Video Management Software - New compatibility features of the Pilot v.5 software include the complete line of Panasonic cameras and DVRs, Samsung’s complete camera and DVR line, the full line of Arecont Vision cameras and full integration with Pelco’s Endura lineup. Pilot v.5 is also enhanced to now include full Keyscan access control integration and POS workstations integration, both of which will be demonstrated at the AFI booth. To help improve operational efficiencies, Pilot v.5 includes a complete set of management tools to capture and register events; log and measure task performance and provide advanced management reports. Up to twenty (20) HD cameras can be viewed at 25 FPS using less than 30% processor utilization. Upgrades have also been implemented for a number of existing operational features including the video wall, system analytics and language capability; and more than 1,300 devices can now be integrated including a module for full VLC compatibility. The Pilot v.5 Video Management System also features a new look that resembles the icon- driven look of an updated user interface.

AFI-2089 Virtual Keyboard - The AFI-2089 Virtual Keyboard connects via a local communication port or TCP/IP via RFC2217 protocol. It is password protected and compatible with Mega PowerTM, IntellexTM and VictorTM branded systems as well as AFI’s V’nes Net-IO for remote connections. The richly populated virtual keyboard includes numerous user features including eight (8) programmable macro buttons; up to 1000 macros each with up to 21 keystrokes; a seven-step variable speed graphical pan/tilt function; and a mouse wheel zoom. “End users shouldn’t have to compromise on system control because they don’t have sufficient space for a physical keyboard,” adds Mr. Fernandes. “The AFI-2089 virtual keyboard solves this problem by allowing system control from any computer where the software is installed. And it’s so fast and easy to install that we are even offering a free 30 day trial.”
The free 30-day trial can be activated at AFI’s website at
The trial is 30 days per computer after which a license must be purchased.

Switchers, Transceivers, Multiplexers & Communication Devices Added to Already Extensive Line of System Solutions

Birmingham, UK (May 14, 2012) – Building on their reputation as the premier manufacturer of IP video and fiber optic communication and control solutions, AFI (American Fibertek Inc.) is introducing a host of new IP and fiber transmission solutions at IFSEC. The new hardware includes additions to the AFI line of switchers, transceivers, multiplexers and other network communications devices. “Expanding our lineup of IP and fiber transmission solutions enables us to reach out to a wider market with cost effective, innovative products,” said Jack Fernandes, President and CEO of AFI. “With purpose-built design and functionality, the new hardware offers smart solutions for today’s sophisticated video and audio surveillance and security systems.”

Transceivers - AFI Series USB 2.0 – allows any USB 2.0 device to be transmitted through a fiber cable network. The system is available in module format for field use or rack card for control rooms and is compatible with multimode or single mode optics.
AFI Series 89C-GE – provides a completely transparent interface to allow Commend GE Series Intercom hardware to be fully integrated to a multimode or single mode cable infrastructure. Available as either a module or rack card, the system will seamlessly provide all the functions of the GE Series Intercoms on a single or dual optical fiber.

AFI Series 89A-IS – completely new transceiver enables seamless transparent interface between the Aiphone IP intercom and a multimode or single mode fiber optic network.

Switchers - MX6p / MX6p-POE Series – six port Ethernet switchers with four copper triple (101/100/1000) speed ports and two SFP gig ports for trunking. Available in module or rack format, the switchers will also support PoE on the copper ports.
9/10/24 Port SM Series – an expanded series of low cost network switches for managed and un-managed applications that can be PoE and non-PoE, with pluggable uplink ports for total network connectivity. Full network connectivity with the availability of PoE, SFP and all gigabit ports for all switch applications.

Multiplexers - 91600-UTP / 91685-UTP Series – sixteen channel video multiplexer with active UTP RJ45 I/O rather than conventional BNC connections. The system is designed to reduce the interconnections required when integrating UTP active baluns with a fiber optic cable system. Available as either multimode or single mode products, the series is an expansion of the popular AFI 908-UTP concept.
9088 / 9088SL Series – an eight channel audio multiplexer providing CD-quality 24-bit audio on a single optical fiber. Offering compete transparency, the systems can be integrated with the proven AFI multi-channel (16-56) video systems or used standalone when audio only is required. Available in multimode or single mode configuration.

988 / 988SL Series – provides eight channel video / audio on a single multimode or single mode fiber. Delivers broadcast quality video and high quality 24-bit audio with capability for transparent, seamless integration into any system architecture.

Network Communication - Net I/O 121 Series – a cost effective contact closure/data channel solution offering twelve contact closures and a multi-protocol data channel. The series enables interfacing of any device with a contact closure or data channel full network connectivity. Allows information tunneling between any AFI Scout, Commander or NET I/O product; provides email or TCP/IP messaging to authorized user. Packaged in a 1U design for wall or rack mount configuration.


About American Fibertek, Inc.

American Fibertek, Inc. is a leading supplier of innovative fiber optic communication transmission solutions for video, data, audio, audio/video and cable system applications. With two decades of experience in the fiber optics industry, American Fibertek, Inc. has a renowned history of innovation that includes introduction of the industry’s first rack card and card cage systems, the first mini modules for color transmission, the first fiber optic transceivers with AGC, and first to offer bi-directional fiber systems for advanced CCTV systems devices.

For more information, visit AFI’s new website