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Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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Doktor Jon's Guide to the Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video

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Having waited years in eager anticipation that a professional body or agency might actually pick up the mantle, I've finally resorted to the old adage that "if a jobs worth doing ....", I might as well stick my head above the parapet and get the ball rolling myself!!"

So here goes ...

The campaign is based on the principle of applying CCTV or IP / Network Video to provide ...

"Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology for Evidence & Detection"

... in other words, to be of any practical use as an evidential video security system, the surveillance technology and techniques being used must be capable of being "TRUSTED"

At this stage, it is likely that the project will develop in two distinct stages:-

Phase 1, will be concerned with the development of appropriate technical evaluations, which will allow CCTV System Operators to conduct their own assessments of the equipment they already have in use.

These simple tests will highlight any obvious shortcomings in the way the installation has been designed, commissioned and operated; using a simple comparative 'score sheet', it will be possible to determine whether the system or its components are 'TRUSTED' and as such suitably "fit for purpose", or whether improvements need to be made to ensure that any video recordings, can reasonably be considered for possible future evidential use.

At a later stage, Phase 2 of the project will concentrate on developing appropriate comparative operational standards, so that in future, CCTV installations can be set to perform against a set of accepted technical 'benchmarks'.

more detailed information on the "TRUSTED" CCTV Campaign >


Is your Video Surveillance System
capable of being 'TRUSTED'

“I've been thinking for some time now, that a national campaign is required, both to highlight the shortcomings in the way that existing CCTV systems are designed and implemented, and perhaps more importantly to explore various ways of raising the efficiency and effectiveness of the majority, of the nations currently underperforming video surveillance installations.