Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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IndigoVision keeps traffic flowing on Athens ring road

The Attika Tollway, a major ring road around Athens, has benefited from a new generation video surveillance system supplied by IndigoVision, working with its local partner ILKA and a project management team from Attiki Odos.


The 65km Attika Tollway is a key communications route that can face acute traffic congestion, and is unique within Europe in that it forms a closed tollway within a metropolitan capital. The new surveillance system is a critical part of the road operator’s ability to keep traffic flowing smoothly and to meet a service level agreement to respond to any incident on the tollway within five minutes.

The new installation has led to vastly improved image quality and faster image review, unifying diverse systems and creating, for the first time, an unlimited and expandable multi-user system.

Before the upgrade, system operators were managing with a mixture of several non-unified systems. However, the age of the previous system meant that image quality was poor, the system was not expandable and it had reached its limit in the number of system operators working at the same time.

There was no unified recording system for all types of camera; in some cases reviewing of recordings was slow. All of this was putting increasing pressure on the Attika Tollway team as they worked to meet their demanding service standard in one of the busiest traffic locations in Europe.

In collaboration with ILKA and project management team Attiki Odos, IndigoVision implemented a project to replace the current analogue CCTV system with a new generation IP system. The new system, based on SMS4TM, IndigoVision’s Security Management Solution has created one unified system open to unlimited multi-users. There are 355 traffic monitoring and toll security cameras along the tollway, including 261 PTZ cameras and 94 fixed, with provision for further cameras to be added.

Key to winning the business was the smoothness of IndigoVision’s video rendering, which produces the highest video quality. No other supplier tendering for the project was able to show such smooth video, which eliminates jagged edges in video images; this is especially important when viewing fast-moving images such as traffic.

IndigoVision’s PTZ control also showed less latency or delay in a joystick being operated and a camera moving in response; in fact, the time delay is so negligible that the human eye cannot even register it.

The project team managed the migration to the new system with zero downtime. The installation had to be immediate and seamless: road traffic operations are continuous and there is no room for any delay, however complex the installation may be.

Attiki Odos Project Manager Sotiris Nikolakakos stated: “The changeover to the IndigoVision system was managed without stopping the monitoring operation, and the whole upgrade ran smoothly. Operators now view video of excellent quality and the full tollway is monitored consistently.”

System operators can now watch multiple cameras per monitor, while the Traffic Management Center includes a large newly installed video wall running IndigoVision’s Video Wall software and showing multi-camera views of the motorway. Alerts from emergency phones are quickly fed into the system, automatically moving PTZ cameras to preset positions and displaying alarms on PCs and alarm video on the video wall.

There are 68 instances of Control Center, IndigoVision’s video management software, across the network, in the Traffic Management Center, toll plazas and other sites.


About IndigoVision
IndigoVision is a leading manufacturer of end-to-end IP video security solutions for airports, ports, rail, traffic, cities, retail, banking, mining, education, casinos, police, prisons and government. These enterprise class systems improve organisations' operational efficiency, enhance public safety and enable timely emergency response.

IndigoVision operates from six regional centres in New Jersey, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Dubai, London and Edinburgh, each with training facilities, demo suites and local stocking. With sales and support staff in 23 countries, IndigoVision partners with some 300 authorised system integrators to provide local system design, installation and service to end users.

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