Doktor Jon's Guide to the Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video
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Doktor Jon's Guide to the Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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Not watching enough telly?. - Minehead CCTV Partnership in Somerset, UK, are the latest PSS Operator to ask for volunteers to come forward, to help monitor their town centre camera system. Local residents that are interested in helping to improve public safety will be expected to work in the CCTV Control Room around two to four hours each week, and full training will be provided. - Source - Somerset County Gazette 23rd February 2010

Cameras fuelled by suspicion - In an attempt to enforce fuel rationing for foreign vehicles, the Malaysian Government has ordered all petrol (gas) stations to install CCTV cameras. Since the end of 2009, any foreign vehicles within 50 kms of the border have been limited to purchasing no more than 20 litres of fuel. - Source - Today Online 22nd February 2010

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No longer a flight of fancy - The Israeli Aircraft Industries is reported as having developed a huge long range Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone), which can reportedly stay airborne for up to 24 hours. Described as being the size of a Boeing 737 aircraft, the 'Eitan' is apparently capable of carrying a 1,000Kgs payload of advanced imaging sensors - Source - Digital Journal 22nd February 2010


Rain of terror - Staff in a grocery store in Graham, North Carolina, USA had a terrifying experience when an unwelcome visitor appeared in their premises just before closing time. The man dressed entirely in black pulled out a handgun, and held up the three employees before stealing money from the safe. Despite wearing a ski mask and baseball cap to match the rest of his colour co-ordinated outfit, he also took the liberty of committing his crimes under the protection of a large umbrella, in a less than subtle attempt to ensure that his makeshift cloaking device would render the stores surveillance cameras useless. - Source - 22nd February 2010

Surveillance to tackle a taxing problem. - Authorities in Wellington, New Zealand, are believed to be the country's first local authority to deploy CCTV to tackle parking problems. The cameras will shortly be installed to identify and fine errant taxi drivers that are regularly causing problems by parking up on bus stands in the city centre. - Source - Radio New Zealand 22nd February 2010

A forward looking perspective on policing - A group of liberal Senators from the Canadian Senate security committee, have published a paper outlining their vision for the future of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The key recommendation in their report calls for all 'Mounties' to be equipped with Body Worn Video systems, primarily to offset any future risk of accusations relating to improper behaviour. - Source - The Globe and Mail 22nd February 2010

A ticket to ride - A judge in Miami-Dade County, Florida, USA has ruled that the cameras used to enforce red traffic lights in the town of Aventura, are actually operating illegally since their deployment has not been sanctioned by the state legislature. Whilst the town can appeal the decision, the cameras will remain in operation, although lawyers are advising anyone caught to refrain from paying any fines - Source - 21st February 2010

A criminal use of cameras - Despite the best efforts of Strathclyde police to crack down on security firms being used as a front for criminal activity in Scotland, their latest attempts to close down an allegedly crooked closed circuit television company, have failed miserably. The director of a business which is believed to have a 4m a year turnover, was subject to enforcement action by the Security Industry Association, but following legal advice, they've been forced to back down and return his licence . - Source - Daily 21st February 2010

Hoisted by their own .... - It's been widely reported that a senior member of Hamas may have been assassinated by a Mossad hit squad in Dubai. Despite the suspects being aware of CCTV cameras located throughout the luxury hotel where the victim was discovered, sources suggest that agents are absolutely astonished at the local police's expertise at assembling so much high quality video surveillance footage. - Source - TimesOnline 21st February 2010

An open and shut case ...? - News from Philadelphia, USA where a family have issued a law suit against officials at their son's school. It's been reported that the 15 year old pupil was accused of improper behaviour at home, which was allegedly remotely captured using the webcam built in to the Apple laptop computer, supplied to the student by the school. The family along with civil libertarians are outraged at the suggestion that pupils could be monitored at home, which if proven would clearly be in breach of their rights under the Constitution. - Source - 19th February 2010

The alibi for Mr Ali. - Having been arrested and accused of threatening behaviour and assault outside a school in Jogeshwari, India, Mr. Mozam Ali was able to successfully counter the allegations. It would appear that at the time he was supposed to have been threatening a woman with a handgun, he was actually being recorded on CCTV in the Bombay High Court. Having spent a total of four days in custody, he is now persuing legal action against the police officers involved. - Source - Indian 18th February 2010

An exercise in tunnel vision - Scientists at the University of Southampton, UK. have developed a biometric 'tunnel' to help develop their "gait" research work. Using an array of syncronised CCTV cameras, subjects that walk through the tunnel are digitally captured and their movements measured in a 3D environment, to produce a unique footprint of their walking movements, which it's hoped will eventually provide some basis for providing identification of an individual from the way they move. - Source - IHS. Jane's 17th February 2010

The drone is silenced - Merseyside Police have been forced to ground their small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone), after it was revealed that a recent change in the law requires all UAV's operating at low levels, to be regulated by the UK's Civil Aviation Authority. Pending the granting of a licence to fly, the force's 'eye in the sky' will remain firmly on the ground. - Source - BBC News 16th February 2010

Pune police review forensic surveillance - Police officers investigating the terrorist attack on the German Bakery in Pune, India, have located vital forensic surveillance recordings that will hopefully assist in identifying the suspects. The blast which killed seven people has been variously attributed to a number of possible terrorist groups, currently mounting attacks across india-. - Source - Indian 16th February 2010

Cameras of the Caribbean - Government co-operation is the order of the day for the tiny tropical island of St. Lucia in the carribean. It's been announced by their National Security Minister Guy Mayers, that Britain will be providing vital CCTV Training to the local police service. - Source - 14th February 2010

When push comes to fruition - The CCTV cameras were rolling when a 32 year old mother of three, suddenly became a mother of four on the floor of a hospital foyer. Having been rushed by her husband to the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester, UK, the expectant mum collapsed at the entrance to the maternity unit, and minutes later delivered a healthy 8 pounds 3 ounce daughter named Alice. Staff at the hospital presented the family with a suitably edited recording from the CCTV system, as a momento of the somewhat unusual event. - Source - 12th February 2010

Physician protect thyself - After months of being stalked by her former partner, a doctor decided to spend around 3,000 ( $ 4.8k, € 3.3k ) installing CCTV to capture the individual causing repeated damage to her car. Following numerous incidents of tyre slashing and criminal damage to both her own and neighbours vehicles, she eventually caught him in the act. On the strength of the evidential recordings, her ex a 46 year old property developer was found guilty on nine counts of criminal damage, and one of harassment at York Magistrates Court. He was ordered to pay a total of 1,595 in compensation to be shared by the doctor and her neighbour victims. - Source - Mail Online 12th February 2010


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