Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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That wasn't in the recipe - A US synagogue has taken the unusual step of installing surveillance cameras in it's kitchen, after a kosher food scandal broke involving their caterers. The Temple Beth Torah in Melville, New York, has alleged that the contract catering company was using their facilities to prepare 'send out' non kosher party bites, including pork and seafood, both of which are strictly forbidden. The rabbi has confirmed that their contract will only be terminated if the company is found guilty in court. Meanwhile, the rabbi of a neighbouring synagogue that also uses the same caterer, has been slapped with a $ 10m lawsuit for defamation, following comments made about the crisis. - Source - HalfHollowHillsPatch 29 th February 2012


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If it looks like a criminal ... - Every shade of society has passed before the lenses of Wrexham's 90 street surveillance cameras, but now the North Wales local authority operated scheme has notched up a significant milestone, with over 25,000 arrests having been attributed to the team of CCTV Operators. In fact, the cameras have been so successful at catching criminals, from shop lifters to murderers, that it's estimated around 40% of all those arrested have actually been caught on camera. - Source - Daily Post 28th February 2012

Seemed like a good idea at the time - As part of Sidmouth Chamber of Commerce' plans to deploy CCTV in the coastal town, a total of 31,000 ( US$ 48k, € 35k ) was donated into the start up fund by local businesses and individuals. Since the plans were shelved due to rising costs, organisors have been trying to return the monies to the various donors, but not with complete success. Any funds still left outstanding by the end of next month will instead be donated to local good causes. - Source - Sidmouth Herald 24 28th February 2012

Keeping an eye on the Bill - Coastwatch volunteers have a new tool in their armoury, after a remote control surveillance camera has been installed on the historic Portland Bill Lighthouse in Dorset. Volunteers have assisted the coastguard for the last 15 years, but due to the lay of the land, up until now it's not been possible to monitor the treacherous waters of the inshore passage. Using the high tech CCTV equipment, a constant lookout will be kept for 12 hours per day, 364 days of the year. - Source - BBC News 25th February 2012

Careful what you chews - The Police Chief at Deer Park PD in Texas was getting a bit fed up with reports of food being taken from the staff room fridge. Anxious to put a stop to the constant thieving, Chief Griggs had a covert CCTV camera installed, which in no time at all captured Officer Kevin Yang helping himself to the latest free feast. When confronted he claimed to be helping out his colleagues by keeping the fridge clean, but unimpressed with the explanation, he's now on a 30 day suspension for theft and misdemeanour charges. - Source - Allvoices 24th February 2012

He should have looked the other way - An arsonist who torched a shop and a post office in Peckham, South London, has been given an eight year jail term. The 23 year old set the fires which caused 1m worth of damage during the London riots last august, and he might well have escaped capture had he not been caught on CCTV, with detectives identifying him from the unique appearance of his cross eyes. - Source - Daily Times 22nd February 2012

Costs go up, as cameras come down - The latest report from privacy watchdog Big Brother Watch, has suggested that local authorities across the UK have spent more than 515million ( US$ 770m, € 572m ) on Public Space CCTV systems in the last four years. Interesting to note that whilst some doubt has since been raised over the accuracy of the figures, which were apparently obtained through Freedom of Information requests, the total number of cameras being used by councils when compared against Big Brother Watch's inception report published two years ago, appears to show a reduction in total local authority camera numbers of around 14%. - Source - BBC News 21st February 2012


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