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Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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Young solution to an old problem - New Plymouth Police Station in New Zealand, has a rather unusual way of providing CCTV monitoring coverage. Around 20 volunteer students from the local schools, man the monitors at specified times to help keep an eye on the Central Business District. The police Area Commander commented that the youngsters pick up the use of the surveillance technology very quickly; "... it's essentially like a video game, sort of." - Source - The Dominion Post 30th March 2011

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If they could see ... - Ongoing thefts and vandalism on a Scunthorpe housing estate, have prompted the managers North Lincolnshire Homes to resort to drastic action. At selected locations on the Westcliff estate, hidden CCTV cameras are being trialled to see if they can identify those responsible. If successful, the technique will be rolled out at other locations. - Source - BBC News 29th March 2011

A roadmap to improving safety - The rapidly increasing number of road deaths in France, has encouraged the police to urge politicians to expand the use of LAPI ( ANPR ), in order to increase the detection of motoring offences. Before any decisions are made, there must first be approval from the french privacy commission, the CNIL. - Source - TISPOL 28th March 2011

Toys and pram, spring to mind - A Wimborne shop keeper who "... paid more than 3,000 for CCTV for my own protection", has refused to allow police access to his recordings. Officers investigating a break in at the next door premises were hoping the CCTV might assist their inquiries, but having previously had a bad experience with the police failing to use his recordings when he was injured in another incident, they are likely to be disappointed. - Source - Bournemouth Echo 27th March 2011

Simian suspects spotted on surveillance - Danville Park Girls School in Durban, South Africa was suffering a spate of somewhat unusual thefts, with packed lunches being half eaten and wallets disappearing. Concerned teachers quickly realised that this was no normal criminal case, when having trawled through the schools surveillance footage, they identified the suspects as a bunch of thieving monkeys ... vervet monkeys to be precise. Now one of the grade 11 pupils has persuaded the school authorities to set up a sanctuary for the animals, so the pupils can study and better understand their natural behaviour. - Source - Times Live 26th March 2011

A vintage example of .... - M.P. Thomas Docherty invoked the full force of the law, after his half drunk bottle of Chardonnay went missing from the House of Commons Bar. Two suspects were sought by parliamentary guards and a police officer was despatched to identify the culprits using CCTV footage. The bottle was eventually apprehended and returned, but those responsible ... were not. - Source - Mail Online 26th March 2011

Throw the book at them - An elderly man was mugged in the parking lot of the Woodmont Library in Des Moines, Washington in view of a CCTV camera. But when investigating officers requested access to the video recording, officials refused to hand it over without a warrant. The legal wrangling took over a week to resolve, but when officers finally managed to view the recording, a suspect was arrested within fifteen minutes. - Source - 24th March 2011

Florida passes key CCTV legislation - Legislation to control unwarrented demands for video surveillance has been passed in the Florida State House. Having been approved unanimously through various committees, the Bill is intended to curb excessive ordinances requiring businesses to deploy expensive security camera systems, although it does make provision for the laying down of operating standards wheredeemed appropriate. - Source - 17th March 2011

The city of green is decidedly blue - The City of Lincoln Council are undertaking a public consultation on the future use of their 133 CCTV cameras. Five options are being put forward for discussion in an attempt to cut operating costs, with a complete shut down being suggested as the most dramatic outcome . - Source - BBC News 17th March 2011

Nowhere and nothing left to hide - Los Angeles Police are appealing for help in trying to identify a man recorded on CCTV inside one of the city's preschools, completely in the buff. Having broken in to the premises, the unknown naked intruder was apparently captured on camera "...parading around for several minutes while engaging in strange behaviour of a sexual nature" according to a spokesman for the LAPD . - Source - Contra Costa Times 17th March 2011

They move to improve - A CCTV bill approved by the Illinois House Judiciary Committee was passed unanimously this week. The legislation will require all agencies to post details of the number of video surveillance cameras they have across the state, and also information about their privacy policies. - Source - The News Gazette 17th March 2011

A burning desire to protect - A CCTV camera captured the dramatic moment when 36 year old Engin Kocak did the unthinkable. The hero driver jumped into the hot seat as his fuel tanker burst into flames, and drove away from the petrol station just south of Istanbul, with flames spewing from the rear of the vehicle. He eventually abandoned the truck in a safe location about a kilometre away, and left it for 60 firefighters to extinguish. - Source - 9News 16th March 2011


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