Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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Guilty ... until fortunately proven innocent - A Filipino medical assistant working in the King Fajad Medical City Hospital in Riyadh, has been released from jail along with three others, after being cleared of stealing medicines from the pharmacy. In total, 28 foreign workers were accused of taking pharmaceutical products valued at over a quarter of a million dollars, but after having been held in jail for two weeks, the authorities eventually reviewed the centre's CCTV footage and released the four without charges. - Source - The Visayan Daily Star 19th March 2012


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History has a habit ... - The authorities in Uzbekistan have reportedly directed that CCTV be installed in all the country's mosques, apparently on the basis of there having been a recent increase in crime. In the light of further restrictions outlawing the sale of islamic clothing such as hijabs and burqas, an expatriot imam residing in neighbouring Kyrgyzstan has told Radio Free Europe that these are just the latest moves to monitor and control the daily activities of practicing moslems. - Source - The Atlantic 19th March 2012

They wear it with pride - Body Worn Video systems have been around for a while now, but the latest incarnation of the technology has seen a couple of local authorities in the UK, equipping their parking enforcement officers with high tech identity badges. Virtually identical to conventional ID, the new look badges are just as likely to be looking back at the public, using a miniature built in surveillance camera which is effectively covert in operation, save for a small strip along the top advising "CCTV in Operation" - Source - Mail Online 17th March 2012

Facing up to the facts - News from Mumbai, India, where hidden CCTV cameras in a plastic surgeons office, have left his client bailed on charges and threatening a lawsuit against the doctor. The asian model come actress was disatisfied with the corrective surgery carried out by Dr Vijay Sharma, and demanded the fees be refunded. Having allegedly threatened bringing a case for molestation, her outburst was captured on camera and the recordings handed over to the police, who quickly arrested the patient on an extortion charge. In a bizarre twist, it's been revealed that the doctor has previously faced three charges of molestation by aggrieved patients. - Source - NDTV 16th March 2012

He moved to strike - A New Mexico divorce attorney fell foul of the law, after his somewhat unconventional methods was deemed by a court to be just a step too far. Furious at the way his client was being treated by her estranged husband, he turned up at the family home with a removal crew intent on recovering the wife's property. After forcing his way in and recovering numerous items of property, the entire episode captured faithfully on CCTV was eventually shown to the court. Initial felony charges were pleaded down to misdemeanours, resulting in an order to pay $ 5,000 in damages, and a 30 day jail term, to be served at weekends so the lawyer can continue to practice during the week. - Source - ABC News 15th March 2012

Neighbours that look out ... at each other! - The problems of a neighbour dispute with one party fixing a CCTV camera that looks over the fence are really not that unusual, but in one street in North Weald, Essex, over a dozen cameras are watching the goings on in two neighbouring properties. One owner has erected a fence festooned with shoes, fabric and ribbons to help block the view of the eight security cameras which she claims look into her property. Meanwhilst the local authority have ruled that no planning regulations have been breached, and the council leader suggested there is nothing more they can do to bring the situation to an agreeable conclusion. - Source - The Guardian Series 15th March 2012

Looks like they're out of luck - Faced with the consequences that 4% of motorists in the UK driving without insurance, are thought to be responsible for around 150 deaths on the nations roads each year, accountants Ernst & Young appear to have come up with a cunning plan. Reporting their findings to the Prime Ministers Office, a suggestion has been made to use the ANPR cameras on petrol station forecourts, to identify uninsured drivers vehicles and then withold supplying them with any fuel. - Source - The Telegraph 13th March 2012

Served up on a plate - A family that eats together, stays together or so the saying goes, but for one father sharing breakfast with his 26 year old son, the early morning news report proved somewhat difficult to swallow. Police in Woods Cross, Utah had earlier released to the news channel, CCTV footage of a burglary at a local computer store, and unfortunately for the dad junior was caught on camera apparently helping to remove $ 6,500 worth of equipment. Jeremy Blair handed himself in to Davis County Sheriff's Office, after a bit of gentle persuasion from his dad. - Source - 11th March 2012

Crime in the fast lane - It's been revealed through a Freedom of Information request, that last year Northamptonshire Police's 67 fixed and 16 mobile ANPR cameras, snapped no less than 113 million vehicles on the county's roads. Of these, 2.7 million were flagged as either suspect drivers or vehicles, but no figure is available to indicate how many drivers were actually stopped or arrested . - Source - The Hunsbury Herald 8th March 2012

Now you see them, now you won't - Following on from the debacle of Operation Champion, where hidden police CCTV cameras were secreted in predominantly ethnic areas of Birmingham, UK, it's now been confirmed that all the units have been removed and either redeployed or else sold off to other police forces, at a nominal cost of 1 per camera. In a report presented to the West Midlands Police Authority, the Chief Constable has revealed that the costs associated with decommissioning all the equipment, has come in at almost 200k ( US$ 315k, €220k ). - Source - WMPA Finance & Resources Committee 8th March 2012

Should have been kept locked in a chest - Officers from the Gardai (police) are puzzled over the theft of an item from Dublin's Christchrch Cathedral. A small wooden box that contained the preserved heart of the City's patron saint, St. Laurence O'Toole, was stolen after thieves prised open the iron bars that should have prevented it's removal. Whilst valuable silverware remained untouched and nothing else has been reported missing, officers are trawling through CCTV recordings to see if they can identify the body responsible. - Source - 6th March 2012

Compare the - A first for the Russian Presidential elections, with all 91,000 polling stations being linked by video surveillance cameras, to the Central Election Commission. 80,000 polling places are apparently being moniotred in real time, with the rest recorded for later review, and all this in addition to the observers who are supposed to ensure that allegations of vote rigging are prevented this time around. - Source - RIA Novosti 4th March 2012

Now there's a first - The UK's first National CCTV Improvement Week has been widely reported in the media, with an emphasis on encouraging CCTV Users to 'health check' their existing security camera systems, in the heightened risk period leading up to this summers Diamond Jubillee and London Olympic celebrations. - Source - Bapco Journal 1st March 2012


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