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Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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And it was all going so well .... -
In recent weeks, there had been 48 homes burgled in Toms River, New Jersey, but it was the 49th that proved to be just one too many. Despite his wife's protestations, shortly after the break ins started Mike Mastronardy decided to install a comprehensive CCTV system on his property, although he didn't have to wait too long before the thieves decided to put in an appearance. Now Chief of Police Mastronardy has his suspects safely under lock and key on numerous burglary charges, and all despite his wife's initial objections to the cameras. - Source - 14th April 2011

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A face amongst a crowd - Investigators working on the terrorist bomb attack which killed a dozen people and injured 200 on the metro in Minsk, Belarus, have retrieved various CCTV recordings, including one that is believed to show the suspect planting the device. In total, five people have been arrested in connection with the bombing, and at least two are believed to have been responsible for previous attacks. - Source - BBC News 14th April 2011

Not exactly flushed with success - Having previously considered withdrawing CCTV from use in the toilets of two schools in West Lothian, authorities are now planning to roll out cameras into other schools, subject to teacher and parent approval. Whilst a number of complaints have been received over the somewhat controversial policy, education chiefs now believe the benefits far outweigh justified privacy concerns. - Source - West Lothian Courier 14th April 2011

A new twist on an old problem - Retailers in New South Wales, Australia, are looking to exploit a more immediate approach to tackling the spiralling problems of shoplifting from their stores. Business owners are increasingly placing 'Walls of Shame' in their outlets, with CCTV images of shoplifters prominently displayed for all the world to see. Some proponents are reporting a drop in offences, whilst others have seen individuals return to pay for the goods in exchange for their pictures being removed. - Source - 11th April 2011

Truly a shocking statistic - Taiwan may be one of the major centres for security camera production in the world, but it's capitol Taipei is in the CCTV news for a rather unusual reason. Following a recent traffic accident where no street surveillance recordings were available, it's since been revealed that out of 13,699 cameras installed throughout the city, 3,802 do not have any working power supplies. - Source - Taipei Times 8th April 2011

Time to jacket in? - Most people visit shops when they want to get a new outfit, but for one environmentally aware 28 year old, a trip to the recycling bank seemed like the perfect solution. To help browse the available stock, his friend decided to post him letter style through the recycling bins narrow metal flap, so that he could eventually pass the clothing out. Astonished CCTV Operators watched the whole event unfold, and as security arrived on the scene, his accomplice in crime ran off leaving him incarcerated. Four hours later, firefighters eventually managed to free the fool from his metal tomb, whereupon he was promptly arrested on suspicion of theft. - Source - This is Bristol 7th April 2011

The finnish line isn't even in sight - Two years of testing out vehicle borne ANPR cameras on Finlands roads, and now the police are left wanting after it's been revealed that there's no money available to acquire the technology. Despite the successful evaluation of the equipment, and a completed tender process to select a supplier, recent austerity cutbacks have left senior officers with little prospect of acquiring the systems in the foreseeable future. - Source - Helsinghin Sanomat 8th April 2011

Deliveries that were never recorded - A 53 year old postman from Castlemain in Victoria, Australia, has been charged with obtaining property by deception, after he was caught out on CCTV using three shopping vouchers which were allegedly intended to be delivered to an Australia Post customer. Investigators that visited his home also found 1,000+ items of additional property valued at over AUS $ 60k, that are believed to have been stolen from the mail system throughout a six year period. - Source - ABC News 5th April 2011

A hard day at the office ...? - Control of the CCTV system in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, has been returned to the local Police Department, following a report by the Labour Relations Board alleging problems with the civilian contractors. After they were downgraded from active camera monitoring and equipment testing operations, to fulfilling more of an advisory role, incidents where personnel were caught sleeping, reading, watching movies and completing puzzles during their shifts, eventually sealed their fate - Source - 1st April 2011


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