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Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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Camera proving to be a pane - Some patrons have been left less than impressed, after the landlady of their local pub decided to install CCTV in the toilets. The somewhat ironically named Big Window pub in Burnley, Greater Manchester, is now benefitting from an even better view of the smallest room, as part of an ongoing effort to deter and prevent persistant vandalism problems. - Source - Burnley Express 30th April 2011

Any lessons learned ...? - Vital CCTV evidence that would have assisted officers investigating the murder of a female student at St. Xavier's College in Marwari, India, cannot be produced. It's been reported that the security camera system is only switched on when the Principal Nicholas Tete, is present in his office. Despite Tete's assertion that "It is nobody's concern when CCTV's are switched off or switched on. It makes no difference to life or death", fortunately police have arrested a suspect who has confessed to the killing. - Source - The Telegraph 29th April 2011

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From small beginnings ... - A decision has been made to install CCTV in all the hospitals in Tamil Nadu, India, following a rise in baby thefts across the state. Cameras will be located at all entry and exit points, in the hope that the presence of surveillance equipment will deter future offences. - Source - Times of India 28th April 2011

Cheap at half the price - News from Northern Ireland, where in the face of austerity cutbacks right across the UK, Enniskillen's highly beneficial CCTV scheme has had it's future secured with agreed funding for the next three years. Having previously recorded a 54% drop in crime during it's first two years of operation, the Fermanagh District Council, Police Service of Northern Ireland, and 43 local businesses have all agreed to contribute towards the 50k annual operating costs, thereby hopefully ensuring it's ongoing success. - Source - BBC News 27th April 2011

That's what they call convenient - A supermarket in Hamilton, New Zealand was supposed to be closed for Good Friday, but a computer decided otherwise. Having automatically unlocked the doors and turned on the lights around midnight, a steady procession of "shoppers" popped in for a visit, with many deciding to help themselves to the stock without paying. During the eight hours that the store remained unmanned, CCTV cameras captured all those present, many of whom have since come forward to pay for their "purchases". - Source - 3News 27th April 2011

They have been warned - A small change in korean law means that in future, any vehicle which obstructs the passage of either ambulance or fire vehicles, will automatically incur a fine for the owner. The (US)$ 55 penalties will be generated courtesy of images captured by the emergency vehicles onboard CCTV systems. - Source - The Korea Times 25th April 2011

Gold plated evidence - Detectives investigating a gold bullion heist in Istanbul, have arrested six suspects after having followed a detailed trail of CCTV evidence. From the moment the armoured vehicle was disabled in the Fatih's Sirkeci district, through to the jewellers melting down the gold bars, and the various hotels where the accused met up, all aspects of the robbery were faithfully captured on camera and helped to secure the rapid arrests. - Source - Hurriyet Daily News 24th April 2011

No cameras no crime - To help save money, in 2009 Craven District Council decided to switch off their seven CCTV cameras, most of which were located in car parks dotted around Skipton. According to the police, since then there has been no measurable increase in crime. - Source - Yorkshire Post 23rd April 2011

Not a good day for shoplifting - Two bungling security guards managed to help solve a crime in the premises they were supposed to be protecting. When 1,500 ( US$ 2.3k, € 1.65k ) worth of top notch mobile phones went missing from a store in the Westfield Shopping Centre in Derby, it wasn't that difficult to identify the suspects. Having carried out the theft on christmas day, in fact the only day of the year when the mall is closed, it didn't take the security manager long to spot the only people recorded on the CCTV that day. Both guards pleaded guilty to charges, and were each sentenced to four years in prison. - Source - 23rd April 2011

Discs leave retailers in a spin - The Mayor of Milwaukee has signed through a new ordinance, requiring all convenience stores in the city, to be equipped with at least two high definition security cameras. Whilst the new law replaces a previous order which referred to tape based systems, the updated requirement for daily recordings to be captured on either DVD or CD, is somewhat unusual ... to put it mildly. - Source - NACS Online 22nd April 2011

Fare play upheld by the court - Southampton City Council had been insisting on CCTV cameras being fitted into local cabs, but now an outraged taxi boss has been vindicated when his hearing came to court. In a ruling by District Judge Anthony Callaway, the council's policy was said to demonstrate "insufficient regard to the respective rights of both passengers and drivers", and as such was considered unlawful. The two year case which has so far cost the owner 15k ( US$ 23k, €16.5k ) was brought under the Human Rights Act, and the Council have indicated that they intend to appeal the decision. - Source - Southern Daily Echo 22nd April 2011

Sounds like a plan - An area of London known as the Limehouse, is set to develop the use of privately operated CCTV, to a new level. The Limehouse Community Forum are planning to map out all the security cameras being used by businesses in the area, to help speed up the retrieval of recordings if required to assist the police during investigations. - Source - The Docklands 22nd April 2011

Forensic surveillance in the real world - Police officers investigating the disappearance of a 24 year old woman, had an unexpected breakthrough courtesy of another crime. Months after she vanished, officers were hoping that the cameras in Edinburgh would provide some useful information, but given that the recordings are only stored for 30 days, all seemed lost. Fortunately the recordings for the day of her disappearance had already been retained for another investigation, and on review, a 59 year old man was identified walking alongside her. Specially trained dogs later discovered her dismembered body in a wheelie bin at his home address, and he is now denying charges of murder. - Source - The Scotsman 21st April 2011

The Lidl things in life aren't free - A furious shopper who visited his local Lidl store in Walthamstow, North East London, twice in one day, has received a penalty charge notice from a parking control company courtesy of their ANPR cameras. His first brief visit at 8.30am on the 1st April was captured on the camera system, as indeed was the later shopping trip at 7.30pm the same evening. Unfortunately the system decided that he had parked for eleven hours in total, and automatically generated a fine for overstaying his welcome. - Source - The Guardian Series 18th April 2011

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