Doktor Jon's Guide to the Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video
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Doktor Jon's Guide to the Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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Criminologist's crime caught on camera - West Yorkshire police have been faced with the most disturbing series of murder investigations, since those of the Yorkshire Ripper. A PhD criminology student who described himself in court as the "Crossbow Cannibal", was arrested after his last victim was murdered outside his apartment, whilst being recorded on the buildings CCTV system. - Source - TimesOnline 29th May 2010


All at sea over CCTV - Whilst the south coast seaside town of Bournemouth was one of the first to install public space CCTV almost thirty years ago, a local councillor is now voicing concerns over the UK coalition government's recent announcement of plans, to regulate the future use of CCTV. - Source - Daily Echo 27th May 2010

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When you can see the wood in the trees - The UK's Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) have been conducting a wide range of experiments, to evaluate advanced video imaging systems, suitable for military field deployment. In one test, a unique polarised vision system has been developed to discriminate between heavily camouflaged vehicles and the woodland that hides them - Source - BBC News 27th May 2010


Costly cameras secure the G spot - As Canada prepares to play host to the forthcoming G8 and G20 conferences, Toronto Police have confirmed that an additional 77 CCTV cameras are being installed, as part of the $ 1 billion security arrangements. To allay privacy concerns, authorities are planning to reveal the locations of all the cameras prior to the start of the summits - Source - Toronto Sun 26th May 2010


Private cameras with public benefits - Following the recent success by New Orleans Police in solving a murder case using CCTV footage, plans are afoot to create a comprehensive database of all privately operated security cameras, that may provide them with vital evidential recordings to assist in any future investigations. - Source - 25th May 2010


Authority fizzing over frozen bucks - It's been reported that $ 1.3 million of federal funding intended to be used to purchase security cameras for the New York Subway, has instead been frozen for the last two years on the back of a bureaucratic wrangle. The monies were originally secured by a Congressman to help protect a number of stations, but it subsequently emerged that under obscure rules, the funds could not be spent on procuring equipment. - Source - AM New York 25th May 2010


No time for guessing - The theft of a bicycle in Slough Town Centre, was thought to have been clearly captured on CCTV according to the victim. Whilst the bike had only been left in the cycle rack for no more than a couple of hours, local police insisted that the owner 'guess' at a 20 minute time slot when they thought the crime may have taken place. After reviewing the suggested section of recording, an officer from Thames Valley Police later confirmed that the bicycle had not been stolen by then, and that they didn't have enough time to go over the remainder of the tape. - Source - Slough & Langley Observer 23rd May 2010


Students to receive closer examinations - Private schools in Metro Manila are being urged by the Philippine National Police service to install more video surveillance, in an effort to better protect students. The National Capital Region Police Office is already in the process of installing 300 CCTV cameras, particularly in the vicinity of chinese schools, where the pupils are at much greater risk of being kidnapped for ransom - Source - Business World Online 23rd May 2010


Not just art that's in a state - Following the record breaking 100 million ( $147m, €112m) theft of five uninsured paintings from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, it's been confirmed that the thief was caught on CCTV, but on playback the quality was so poor as to render the suspects face similar to a "cubist painting" - Source - 23rd May 2010


Railing against surveillance - News from Los Angeles, where two locomotive Engineers are under investigation, following alleged attempts to block the view of CCTV cameras fitted into their train cabs to improve safety. The surveillance units were installed to help prevent the repetition of a recent tragic train crash, where the driver was distracted whilst texting, causing an appalling accident that resulted in numerous fatalities. - Source - 23rd May 2010


Patience wearing thin ... with patients - In response to increasing incidents of racial and verbal abuse against staff, security personnel working in the Accident and Emergency department at a Leicester Hospital, are to be equipped with Body Worn Video systems to help gather evidence of incidents. - Source - BBC News 23rd May 2010


Resources down the drain - Less than a fortnight after the Chandigarh police started using CCTV for traffic enforcement, 80% of the cameras failed after their cables were dug up by council contractors laying new sewer pipes. The remaining cameras have so far only been used to issue penalty tickets to stationary vehicles, as the camera operators have been unable to pan fast enough to catch the number plates on moving violations. - Source - Express 23rd May 2010


It only takes a minute ... - The scientific team investigating the sinking of the South Korean Navy ship Cheonan, have managed to restore six of the eleven CCTV tapes, despite their having been submerged in salt water for about a month. The recordings are reported to show normal activity on the corvette, up until a point approximately one minute before the vessel is believed to have been struck and sunk, by a North Korean torpedo. - Source - The Chosun Ilbo 21st May 2010


Blink and you'll miss it - In response to concerns over privacy, Brookline Police in Massachusettes are taking an unusual approach to limiting the scope of their CCTV system. At a cost of $ 45,000, all eleven street surveillance cameras will be fitted with closing 'eyelids', so that in future they can only be operated under specific permitted circumstances. - Source - 18th May 2010

Game over thanks to new tricks - The Metropolitan Police Department in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, have just notched up their first success with nine people having been arrested, thanks to recordings from ten new surveillance cameras that have been deployed in the Dogenzaka district. All the suspects were detained after images were used for the first time, to prove violations of the laws relating to prostitution. - Source - Japan Times 18th May 2010


A hard lesson to learn? - In response to a number of recent attacks in schools, authorities in Beijing, China have decided to link all the existing CCTV cameras located throughout the city's education system, back to the police monitoring centre - Source - 17th May 2010

Subway surveillance stuck at the signals - Whilst the New York Subway's security camera project has rocketed from an estimated cost of $ 15 million, to a current expenditure of $21.3 million, it's been revealed that almost nine years after the terrorist attacks on 9/11, over half of the transit systems 4,100 cameras are still not connected to any video recording systems. - Source - NY Daily News 17th May 2010


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