Doktor Jon's Guide to the Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video
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Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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And not a penny less - The MP for Killarney in The Bahamas is so convinced of the vital role that CCTV can play in providing enhanced community safety, that he's decided to go the extra mile; he's actually pledged his entire $ 50k allowance to provide cameras across the constituency - Source - The Tribune 29th June 2011

Absolutely nothing to see - Australia's Victoria Police are investigating a spate of mysterious thefts from a number of businesses in Werribee and Hoppers Crossing. The victims have nothing in common, other than the fact that their beloved security cameras have all disappeared within a six week period. - Source - Wyndham Weekly 29th June 2011

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They have a cunning plan - Over the next five years, authorities in Moscow are planning to install CCTV in 95% of apartment buildings, and 75% of the capital's infrastructure, under a hugely ambitious $ 11.7 billion plan to roll out widescale surveillance and internet based services. - Source - Bloomberg 28th June 2011

The perils of peddling - In a somewhat ironic location, a cyclist has complained about being cut up by a police vehicle whilst making his way along a road in the East Riding. The incident was actually captured in detail using a CCTV camera fitted to the bicycle, which was only recently installed after he was knocked off his bike by another motorist, whilst trying to negotiate a roundabout. - Source - This is Hull and East Riding 28th June 2011

Not quite on song - A well known New Zealand radio "shock jock" found himself the subject of an unexpected appearance on TV, when security recordings of his outrageous behaviour at Auckland Airport were played to the Manukau District Court. The DJ apparently arrived at the check-in minutes after his flight had closed, and in a furious outburst, was caught on CCTV trading insults and even throwing a radio at an airline employee. - Source - Ninemsn 27th June 2011

Talk about taking the .... - City officials in Portland, Oregan were quick to react when a lone male was recently caught on security cameras, urinating into one of the regions main reservoirs. With barely a moments hesitation, they ordered the draining of the entire 8 million gallons of water from the storage facility. - Source - News 26th June 2011

The clocks ticking - Not for the first time, police in Amritsar, India have directed that any outlets selling alcohol must comply with a directive to install CCTV systems, within the next 45 days. The cameras are required to record both customers and the area in front of their premises for a distance of up to 50 metres. - Source - The Times of India 26th June 2011

All tanked up, and nowhere to hide - As the cost of fuel continues to soar, Thames Valley police are reporting a three fold increase in the theft of vehicle number plates, as criminals try to disguise the identity of their cars. The problem is becoming increasingly obvious where drivers fill up their fuel tanks before driving off without paying, although ANPR cameras are now capable of identifying stolen plates within a matter of seconds. - Source - BBC News 24th June 2011

He thought he'd got it covered ... - Police in Mumbai, India might well have had their work cut out trying to identify the burqa clad woman who stole a large quantity of cash from a fashion store. That is until the stores owner reviewed the CCTV recordings, and noticed something rather familiar about the way the suspect walked. It turned out that the manager 28 year old Mohammed Khan who was supposed to be on holiday, had instead decided to put in some extra hours, thieving from his employer. - Source - Mid Day 25th June 2011

Wonder woman ... what were you thinking? - In an extraordinarily ironic moment of madness, a public spirited woman by the name of Mrs. Lawless pursued three male shoplifters from a Walmart store in Houston, in an attempt to stop their escape. As the thieves piled in to a getaway car, the five foot tall mother of two scrambled onto the roof of the vehicle in an effort to force her way in through the sunshine roof. Whilst her less than successful valient efforts were clearly captured in detail on the stores CCTV system, the culprits were themselves eventually caught after an hour long pursuit by police officers - Source - Mail Online 23rd June 2011

Parental guidance advised - A 29 year old mother from Ville Platte, Louisiana may be regretting her quick trip to the shops. Having parked up her vehicle with both her three and six year olds in the back, she was caught on camera entering a store alone, whilst the children were left behind in the car. Having been arrested and charged with leaving her kids in an unattended vehicle, child abandonment, two counts of no child restraints, and a broken tail light, the accused has since been released on bond. - Source - 21st June 2011

Hell hath no fury ... - The Greater Toronto Airports Authority has fallen foul of strict canadian privacy laws, after an employee was found to have been using surveillance systems in a less than appropriate way. The Privacy Commissioner will be taking a case to the Federal Court, having received a complaint from a member of the public that he was tracked through Pearson Airport and recorded by the CCTV system, which was at the time being operated by his ex wife. - Source - 22nd June 2011

Let's just backup a moment - A manslaughter trial in Wellington, New Zealand, has been told by an embarassed police officer that the vital CCTV recordings that could have established the exact chain of events, were unfortunately corrupted and lost during the copying process. The accused maintains that the victim was struck purely in self defence. - Source - 21st June 2011

A move in the right direction? - After months of trying to get their CCTV scheme operating normally, officers at West Berkshire Council have been reporting on the problems encountered when they switched over monitoring operations to new control centres. The move from Newbury to Windsor and Maidenhead has been plagued with technical problems, which some six months late are still responsible for a number of town centre cameras not working properly. - Source - Newbury Today 20th June 2011

Whichever way you look at it ... - Speculation that the recent terrorist attack on the police headquarters building in Nigeria was committed by a suicide bomber, has been dispelled after investigators trawelled through numerous CCTV recordings. The latest theory is that the device was set on a timer, and it's quite possible that the bomber actually failed to place it at it's precise intended target. - Source - Nigerian Bulletin 20th June 2011

There's a welcome in the A&E's - The Ysbyty Gwynedd hospital Accident and Emergency department is one of four north Wales departments to see a significant reduction in violent and aggressive incidents, since CCTV has been installed. Somewhat surprisingly, the presence of security cameras has markedly reduced offences caused by people acting under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. - Source - Wales Online 20th June 2011

Facing up to the consequences - Having reported the theft of his bicycle to the police, the frustrated victim decided to adopt a slightly more proactive approach to getting his property back. Having recently installed a CCTV system on his home, he managed to recover images of the thief which he then posted on Facebook. Within days, the bike was recovered and the remorseful 13 year old thief suitably chastised for his wrong doing. - Source - International Business Times 18th June 2011

You can almost picture it .... - When the local council, police and CCTV operators decided to call a public meeting to discuss the future of public surveillance operations in Devizes, they didn't exactly get the response they were expecting. In a desperate attempt to address a gaping 11,000 ( US$ 17k, € 12.5k ) gap in the systems funding requirements, only the proprietor of a local florist bothered to turn up for the gathering, which had been hoping for at least 100 of the towns businesses to provide some degree of minimal support. - Source - This is Wiltshire 18th June 2011

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