Doktor Jon's Guide to the Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video
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Doktor Jon's Guide to the Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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Motorists left smarting by CCTV cars - As the use of Smart Car CCTV traffic enforcement vehicles becomes ever more popular with local councils, it's been revealed that the London Borough of Islington raised 84k ($ 125k, € 100k) with just two vehicles, over the last twelve months. In the same period, the neighbouring authority Camden raised 375k, whilst Haringey pulled in almost 400k in fines. - Source - Islington Gazette 24 15th July 2010


Cameras keep the capsicums covered - Farmers in North Queensland, Australia are increasing security including the deployment of extra CCTV cameras, after a crop was sabotaged. The attack in Bowen District, resulted in seven million pepper seedlings being destroyed after a poison was deliberately added into the plants irrigation system. - Source - ABC Rural 14th July 2010

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In the spirit of co-operation - The Police in Delhi, India, have issued an urgent directive that all the city's liquor retailers must install CCTV systems in and around their premises, within the next 45 days. The move follows a huge number of complaints about drink related anti social behaviour, so now businesses will be required to install cameras both within their outlets, and also to cover an area of up to 50 metres along the road outside. Although recorded material is only required to be held for 10 days, a CD copy of each individual days recordings will need to be handed over to their area Beat Constable. - Source - NetIndian 12th July 2010


Wear the badge with pride - A scottish company has developed an ID badge with a built in video camera. Designed to protect lone workers particularly in the health sector, the wearer can enable the record function when required, and despite it's mere 130g. weight, is capable of recording encrypted video for up to 10 hours. - Source - 11th July 2010


Surveillance in the smallest room - A less than impressed customer has complained, after the owners of the Pure Lounge Bar in Basingstoke, Hampshire, installed a CCTV camera in the gents toilet. Citing problems with vandalism as their grounds for placing surveillance in a normally privacy protected environment, the General Manager Ernie Phelps is quoted as saying that "We are doing our bit to stop crime and disorder". - Source - The Basingstoke Gazette 10th July 2010


Popped in to pick up a .... - Fortunately it's a happy ending for Kelli the Humboldt penguin, after she was unceremoniously snatched from her pen at Dublin Zoo. The three abductors apparently got over a four metre high perimeter fence to grab the terrified bird, before making their escape in a taxi bound for the city centre. Following a tip off to the Gardai the animal was later found wandering the streets, and after having been returned safely to her traumatised mate, police and zoo officials are now carefully studying CCTV and webcam images to see if they can identify the suspects - Source - 9th July 2010


Just the ticket .... not! - Unsuspecting motorists have been caught on camera by Wandsworth Council, and fined almost 1.2m ($1.8m, €1.45m) for dropping off or picking up passengers outside the local train stations. In the last year, the London Borough has issued over 21,000 penalties, and local disabled groups are outraged that the fines are being levied even though there is no suitable allocated dropping off point for people with restricted mobility - Source - Wandsworth Guardian 9th July 2010


Cameras contribute to cutting crime - Latest figures released by Northampton Borough Council, reveal that the towns CCTV system helped police in dealing with 15,000 incidents, and contributed to nearly 2,500 arrests in the past year. Whilst the town itself has 525 cameras, a further 51 cameras are also monitored in the neighbouring towns of Daventry and Wellingborough. - Source - Northampton Chronicle & Echo 8th July 2010


Highlighting the power of Old Glory - Employees of a federal contractor in East El Paso, were intrigued on returning to work to discover how their Stars and Stripes which had last been seen flying proudly from the flagpole, had somehow managed to fold itself upon the ground. On replaying the surveillance video, they were amazed to see a local homeless man braving a violent storm in the middle of the night, rescue the fallen flag from the car park puddles, and carefully fold it up in a military style, before also recovering the downed flagpole to a nearby place of safety. - Source - NewsBusters 7th July 2010


Granny's have it taped - Fed up with the growing problems of Anti Social Behaviour in their Leicester community, a group of ten senior citizens have decided to use CCTV to tackle the problems. The redoubtable ladies aged from 67 to 92, are ably assisted in deploying the high tech systems by a 27 year old male colleague, and between them they have so far captured over 100 incidents, many of which have been handed over to police. - Source - BBC News 7th July 2010


Will they never learn - A report by researchers at Hull University, suggests that the widespread use of CCTV alongside other security technologies, is turning the UK's schools into virtual 'prisons'. According to Dr. Michael McCahill, a criminology lecturer at Hull's faculty of social sciences, 85% of teachers questioned reported CCTV being used in their schools, and their research highlighted pupils being regarded as suspects on a regular basis. - Source - 7th July 2010


Not so snappy driving George - The singer George Michael may be best known for his rendition of tracks like 'Careless Whisper', but after an unfortunate early morning incident where he reportedly managed to plant his Range Rover in the front of the Snappy Snaps store in Hampstead, North london, police are now investigating a case of possible careless driving. The 47 year old singers low speed manouevre was apparently caught on the local authorities Town Centre CCTV, and whilst enquiries are continuing, he has been bailed to return to the police station on friday August 13th. - Source - MailOnline 6th July 2010


Plates under the spotlight - The Home Secretary has announced that the nations 4,000 camera Automatic Number Plate Recognition system, will be included in UK Government plans to regulate the future use of CCTV. Whilst more than 10 million vehicle number plates are automatically logged every day by a dedicated network of surveillance cameras, various options are now being considered as to how best the use of the system and the vast amounts of data that it gathers, can continue to be operated effectively within a proper regulatory framework. - Source - BBC News 4th July 2010


Up on the roof - An 18 year old soldier has received an 18 months conditional discharge from court, along with fines totalling almost 3,500 ($5.3k, €4k), after his drunken antics were captured on a homeowners CCTV system. The squaddie was refused permission to fly out to Afghanistan with his regiment due to his age, so instead drowned his sorrows with a huge quantity of alcohol, before being captured on camera dancing on the roof of a residents parked car. - Source - This is Staffordshire 3rd July 2010


Cameras target Muggers on the streets- Success for the Johannesburg Metro Police department, after nine suspected members of a violent street gang, were arrested during a concerted surveillance operation. Following a rash of street robberies and thefts in the city centre, police used CCTV to gather evidence on the suspects, who were quickly arrested by plain clothes officers as they were about to rob their final victim. - Source - Eye Witness News 4th July 2010


Carnage caught on camera - The latest terrorist outrage to affect Pakistan, was caught on CCTV as suicide bombers detonated their devices at the Data Darbar. A selfless security officer was seen chasing after one of the bombers, just moments before the device detonated, resulting in more than 42 people being killed, and a further 175 injured, as devotees had gathered for prayers at the Data Gunj Bakhsh shrine. - Source - Daily Times 3rd July 2010


A wall of monitors helps China stay calm - As tensions rise in Urumqi, the capital of China's Xinjiang region, authorities have reportedly installed 40,000 high resolution CCTV cameras, which are now being constantly monitored by police. As the anniversary of last years ferocious ethnic unrest approaches, it's hoped that the surveillance cameras will help the authorities to manage tensions between the mostly Muslim ethnic Uighurs, and the Han ethnic majority. - Source - VOA 2nd July 2010


Facing up to the consequences - A pair of bungling brothers managed to steal a haul of cigarettes worth 10,000 from a petrol station shop in North Devon, but their getaway was far from faultless. Having removed their masks possibly to give the security cameras a better chance of facial recognition, they then managed to entangle themselves on razorwire, with one of the hapless duo actually cutting his man bits, in their rush to escape. The investigating police officer highlighted CCTV and DNA evidence as "the clinchers", after the less than dynamic duo were handed custodial sentences at Exeter Crown Court. - Source - Mail Online 1st July 2010



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