Doktor Jon's Guide to the Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video
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Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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Crook cleans up - News from the Philippines, where a high security vault thought to contain a huge amount of cash, was raided by a thief with some uniquely detailed inside knowledge. The installer who fitted the safe for a skin care products company in Quezon City, only managed to steal a tiny amount of cash and a few bars of soap, but not before being clearly captured on the CCTV system, that he also installed. - Source - ABS-CBN News 9th September 2010


Some students never learn - In what appears to be a well intentioned effort to improve security across the Jadavpur University's 52 acre site, students have taken exception to the proposed measures, resulting in widespread protests over what they perceive as an invasion of privacy. - Source - The Telegraph India 9th September 2010

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When age has withered them ... - According to a local council's cabinet report, the Public Space CCTV cameras currently being used in Waltham Forest, UK, are so outdated that it urgently requires 312k ( $470k, €345k ) of investment to put right. At a forthcoming meeting, councillors will be made aware that the equipment is now "significantly past recommended life expectency" and will soon be beyond repair. - Source - Waltham Forest Guardian 7th September 2010


The search goes on .... - ADetectives investigating the murder of MI6 officer Gareth Williams, have been trawling through local CCTV recordings in an attempt to build a picture of his final movements. As a specialist working for the UK Security Service, he had apparently raised concerns about his safety, some weeks before he was found dead in his Pimlico flat - Source - BBC News 6th September 2010


A case of the blues - Officials working at the Pueblo Municipal Justice Center have been left with red faces, after vandals plastered blue paint across the front of their new $ 25 million dollar building. Jointly used as the local police station and court house, the security camera that normally covers the scene of the crime, was instead directed to monitor a neighbouring area used by buses to pick up visitors to the Colorado State Fair. - Source - 6th September 2010


Cameras help to deliver benefits - The UK parcel delivery operator City Link have started to roll out the installation of multi camera CCTV systems, to be fitted in stages across their national van fleet. After an initial evaluation period across a number of depots, vans equipped with CCTV benefitted from no reported thefts, accidents or issues when compared to normal unprotected delivery vehicles. - Source - Materials Handling World 6th September 2010


Age old problem ... new solution? - A pilot project operated by Swedens Backa home help service, has seen the first CCTV cameras being installed in the homes of elderly residents, in order to allow carers to keep an eye on their welfare. The first volunteer clients in Gothenburg will benefit from camera monitoring in addition to their daily home visits, with the results of the pilot being evaluated over the coming months. - Source - The Local 6th September 2010


Canine crooks captured on camera - A distraught homeowner in Durham, UK, has been desperately trying to locate her pedigree miniature French Bulldog puppy called Maharishi, after callous thieves grabbed her from off the front driveway, in full view of the properties surveillance camera. Police are looking for two men in what appears to have been a planned dog napping. - Source - Sunday Sun 5th September 2010


Shape shifting secret surprises Cypriots - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle development is gathering pace globally, but on the island of Cyprus, engineers are currently working on their own unique shape shifting UAV. The project known as ASARP, is being jointly developed with an israeli company, to produce a craft that can provide effective airborne surveillance under difficult flying conditions. - Source - Cyprus Mail 4th September 2010


Riders cause a storm - The landlord of the Cross Keys pub in Erith, Kent, has had his licence revoked, after failing to control an invasion of over 100 travellers. Bexley Council's licensing sub committee were shown CCTV recordings where large numbers of gipsies were seen to congregate around the premises, and on at least one occasion, a female rider was captured on camera taking her horse into the bar. - Source - 4th September 2010


Not so diamond geezers - Three mexicans and a venezualan national have been arrested at Dubai airport, after security officers responded to a wanted alert from Interpol. The suspects were identified from CCTV footage taken at the India International Jewellery Show, where they are believed to have been responsible for the theft of almost 2,000 diamonds from a Hong Kong jewellery company exhibiting at the event. - Source - Hindustan Times 4th September 2010

Officer shamed by surveillance - A custody sergeant working at Melksham police station in Wiltshire, UK, has been convicted of assault causing actual bodily harm, after he was caught on camera throwing a woman prisoner into a cell. The detainee was recorded staggering to her feet with blood pouring from a head wound, that later required hospital treatment. The officer who is expected to be fired from his job, is currently awaiting sentence.- Source - Press Association 4th September 2010


A bridge too far ...? - It's been reported that offences involving drivers illegally using a bus lane on the Llanthony Road Bridge in Gloucester, have dropped to just 170 incidents a day since a CCTV camera was set up for enforcement. So far over 5,700 drivers have received 60 ( $ 90, € 68) penalty charges, with the monies raised apparently going towards "maintaining the scheme". - Source - BBC News 3rd September 2010


Focussing on terrorism - Following a series of recent grenade attacks in Bangkok, Thailand, security is on high alert throughout the city. Authorities have announced plans to urgently upgrade thousands of CCTV cameras, and increase storage to permit a minimum 30 day retention period for recordings. - Source - AFP 3rd September 2010


Tackling crime with cameras - UK Home Office Minister James Brokenshire has been highlighting the benefits of the CCTV strategy being adopted by Cheshire Police. On a recent visit to the county headquarters in Winsford, the minister for crime prevention who was apparently on a fact finding mission to "develop a national model of best practice", was quick to praise the work done by officers in the specialist visual identification team. - Source - Runcorn & Widnes Weekly News 2nd September 2010


You can just picture it - Barely four years after Melbourne's Southern Cross Station was built at a cost of AUS$ 1.1 billion, a leaked letter sent to the government has described the CCTV system as "seriously inadequate". Citing poor image quality, lack of coverage and recordings that are scrubbed within days, a government spokesman has since observed that the technology has improved since it was commissioned. - Source - The Age 2nd September 2010


Crisis management in camera - First responders from the Montgomery County Police Department had a difficult task in containing a hostage siege situation at the Discovery Channel's TV headquarters. Using the buildings CCTV system, they were able to establish that a lone gunmen wearing an explosive body pack, was holding three people hostage in the main lobby. After hours of negotiation, the gunman was seen on camera to raise a handgun to a hostage, and was immediately shot dead by specialist officers. - Source - NewsTime 2nd September 2010


Due before the beak ...? - Two persons have been detained by Naperville police in Chicago, after a woman was recorded on a shop surveillance system, removing a Blue Quaker Parrot from it's cage, and then stuffing it into her purse. Investigators believe that the suspects may be responsible for a string of rare bird thefts from other specialist pet stores in the area. - Source - Chicago Breaking News 1st September 2010


Feline a bit under the weather - From birds to cats, and the notorious kitty binner Mary Bale, has been signed off work from her job as a bank clerk, apparently suffering from stress. The 45 year old became globally infamous after she was caught on CCTV dropping a tabby cat called Lola, into the homeowners rubbish bin where she remained trapped for 15 hours until being rescued. - Source - Mail Online 1st September 2010 - ( BBC News - cat video)


Security floored by failures - Following the theft of a $ 50million Van Gogh painting, entitled "Vase with Flowers", questions are now being asked of the Culture Minister about the lack of adequate security. It's been revealed that only seven of the 43 CCTV cameras were working in the Mahmoud Khalil Museum in Cairo, and the theft appeared to be timed to coincide with the security guards afternoon prayers. - Source - Associated Press 1st September 2010

Council left smarting - A pensioner from Chatham in Kent, has taken on Medway Council over it's use of CCTV Smart cars for parking enforcement, and won his case. Having been issued with a penalty for apparently stopping in a restricted location, 76 year old Michael Johns took the local authority to an independent adjudicator, who found that the video recording of his offence clearly demonstrated that he was reversing his vehicle at the time, when it was supposed to have been parked. - Source - 1st September 2010


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