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They will remember .... - The Royal British Legion branch in Heston, west London, has been outraged by the councils decision to install a re-deployable CCTV camera on a lamppost next to the villages war memorial. In a location dedicated to the memory of the fallen from two world wars, the surveillance unit has been condemned as an "eyesore". - Source - The Hounslow Chronicle 14th October 2009

Suggestions of success are scotched - The professor of design policy at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, in Dundee, has described the policy of deploying CCTV throughout Scotland, as politically motivated and ineffectual. Having spent ten years studying design as a contributor to crime reduction, he's concluded that the existing use of CCTV technology is mostly a waste of money, merely producing a feel good factor rather than practical results. - Source - Times Online 13th October 2009

Promise you won't look - Given an ongoing threat of terrorist attacks, for the last two years, Charbagh railway station in India, has benefitted from a comprehensive CCTV system installed by the Government Railway Police. Unfortunately, whilst the cameras are apparently being recorded, it's been revealed that the lack of a functional control room means that none of the images can be monitored or replayed by security personnel - Source - The Times of India 12th October 2009

Sounds as bizarre as it looks - A suspect accused of using a wireless security camera in his hotel room to spy on the teenage girls staying next door, has managed to avoid jail through a legal conundrum. The Assistant District Attorney in Arapahoe County, Colorado, tried to bring a case against the peeper, using 'eavesdropping' laws, but as the sound was indistinct on the recording, he was eventually dealt with instead, on a minor misdemeanour - Source - Denver 11th October 2009

When there's no safety in security - A man that suffered an horrific attack in a west country train station, has discovered that the police are unable to investigate due to a lack of evidence. The 60 year old grandfather was beaten senseless by a gang of youths at the Worle Parkway station, but their identities remain a mystery, after it emerged that the entire CCTV system was not functioning at the time of the attack. - Source - Weston & Somerset Mercury 9th October 2009

If the symptoms persist ... - In seeking to tackle violence against NHS staff, four hospitals in Wales are to have their Accident and Emergency departments equipped with comprehensive CCTV systems. The trial which is expected to start in December, will also see five ambulances fitted with security cameras, at an overall cost of around 300k for the twelve month evaluation period. - Source - Nursing Times 8th October 2009

Camera ... action ... it's a wrap - Police officers in Salt Lake City, Utah, managed to arrest 108 people on suspicion of drug related activity, during a three day targeted operation. The clampdown on dealers resulted from the displacement of activity from a local park, following the installation of security cameras earlier this year. In the areas directly monitored by video surveillance, drug dealing had declined dramatically, as the problem effectively moved one block further down the road - Source - The Salt Lake Tribune 8th October 2009

Looking down on those looking up - Police officers in Palo Alto, California are searching for a male suspect believed to have been repeatedly using a hidden camera, to look up the skirts of female customers browsing in an electronics store. Staff spotted the man behaving suspiciously using their security cameras, but were unable to locate the individual once he'd left the premises - Source - Palo Alto Daily News - Peninsula 8th October 2009

Anything familiar about the suspect? - Quite understandably, a Louisiana homeowner had a bit of a shock when on returning home, it was doscovered that a burglar had broken in while they were away. But that was nothing compared to the surprise of seeing a stark naked burglar caught on the home CCTV system. The individual apparently showered on the drive using the garden hose, before breaking in, cooking himself a meal, and then ransacking the property, all caught on camera. He was last seen escaping wrapped in a clean sheet . - Source - 7th October 2009

Over the sea and far away - A group of scientists have been studying the behaviour of black browed albatrosses, as they soar effortlessly over the southern oceans. Four birds were suitably equipped with custom built cameras and data logging equipment, which have somewhat surprisingly revealed that these huge sea birds will happily follow whales on the surface, in what is thought to be a deliberate technique for locating food scraps.- Source - PlosOne 7th October 2009

Airport security's really taking off - News from the US, where the latest announcement by the TSA has confirmed that $ 2.5 million will be spent on installing new security cameras at the Logan International Airport in Boston, and also upgrading the record and storage systems. - Source - 7th October 2009

We could all learn a lesson - The Rice Lake schools district in the U.S., have invested $ 120k in acquiring 56 cameras for use in their buildings. Working closely on the project, the local Police Department are able to access the camera feeds from in vehicles, giving first responder officers the ability to see inside the schools when responding to any incident in progress. - Source - 7th October 2009

Do the eyes have it? - A UK based company called "Internet Eyes" is looking to launch a controversial new CCTV monitoring service within weeks. Designed to allow members of the public access to security cameras that are streamed over the internet, each month the person spotting and reporting the most crimes will receive a substantial cash "reward". Privacy campaigners are understandably outraged at the project, which is intending to charge businesses 20 per month ( US$ 32, €21 ) for the privilige of adding their cameras onto the website. - Source - 6th October 2009

Holes in the shield - Investigative journalists have discovered that the "Project Shield" deployment of security cameras throughout the 128 suburbs of Cook County, Illinois, have been beset with problem. Funded by a $43m Department of Homeland Security grant, the hugely ambitious project designed to feed mobile and fixed Law Enforcement cameras back to a central command centre, has so far gone 36% over budget, and is estimated to be three years behind schedule. - Source - Sun-Times News Group 6th October 2009

Games without frontiers Authorities are making detailed plans for the use of advanced CCTV systems, as part of the security preparations for the Commonwealth Games, to be held in New Delhi in a years time. More than 2,000 cameras will be installed around the venues, and along with new border cameras being set up at 27 checkpoints, the images will all be linked back to a custom built Command and Control Centre in the police headquarters, which will also be tied in with a Control Room in the Games Village. - Source - Sindh Today 6th October 2009

Big Apple gets picked for more funding - Following on from the deployment of a "Ring of Steel" security infrastructure in Lower Manhattan, the Department of Homeland Security have now awarded a $24m grant to extend video surveillance technology across Midtown. In highlighting his administrations desire to push on with security upgrades, Mayor Bloomberg has confirmed that the policy is number one on his list of priorities, and should be completed by no later than 2011. - Source - NYDaily 5th October 2009

Cabbies rank cameras highly - A trial involving six taxis that were fitted with CCTV whilst operating in and around Dundee, Scotland, has been hailed a success after only one crime incident was recorded inthe last twelve months. - Source - STV 2nd October 2009

You know you want it ... - The debate over the U.K.'s surveillance society has almost come and gone without much being said, but now computer expert Bruce Schneier has raised concerns about the privacy implications for the wider commercial use of video surveillance. The application of CCTV for monitoring shopper trends is nothing new, but now powerful computer programs are being married to surveillance technology, to take retailers automatic evaluation of customer behaviour to a new level. Facial recognition and behavioural analysis are now increasingly being used to obtain ever increasing insights into what makes shoppers tick. - Source - BBC News 2nd October 2009

Cameras count for nothing - A 49 year old mother of two was outraged to find that the man captured on CCTV vandalising her husbands car, was released by police due to lack of evidence. The attack was the latest incident to be carried out at the family's Bristol home, and despite having invested in security cameras to catch the perpetrator in the act, the police released a suspect after his mother gave him an alibi. - Source - This is 1st October 2009

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Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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If it pleases the House - Glasgow MP Tom Harris has tabled a proposal for a 'Closed Circuit Television (Monitoring and Promotion) Bill to be enacted by the UK Parliament. Presented to the House of Commons for a first reading on 27th October, the legislation is intended to address the problems of poor quality CCTV recordings; whilst being put forward under the 'ten minute' rule, is unlikely to become law given time restrictions leading up to an election forecast for early in 2010.- Source - 27th October 2009

A holiday with a difference - A 53 year old welsh farmer has been charged with 12 counts of voyeurism and three of taking indecent images of children, after police discovered four CCTV cameras hidden in smoke detectors, in the bedrooms and bathroom of his holiday cottage. The case was brought after his former girlfriend tipped off the police about the existance of the sophisticated surveillance set up. - Source - 14th October 2009

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