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Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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A vision of despair - After seven years of trying to get their CCTV system up and running, the city of New Orleans have finally decided to pull the plug on the project. Having spent millions of dollars on the scheme, only six indictments have ever been raised, three for crimes caught on camera, and three for bribes and kickbacks allegedly relating to the procurement process - Source - 15th October 2010


If it moves ... - It's been reported that the authorities in Burma (Myanmar) have embarked on an exercise to deploy a significant number of CCTV cameras along their southernmost border with Thailand, apparently to monitor possible anti government protesters, and also to tackle the problems associated with human trafficking and terrorism. - Source - The Irrawaddy 15th October 2010

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So there you have it - Speaking at the official launch for the latest phase of Dublin's Ballymum district CCTV project, Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern said that recent research carried out by his ministry, indicated that there was generally no increase in crime reporting, outside of areas where CCTV has been deployed. The Ballymum system which is operated by the Garda (police) has been increased to 82 PSS cameras using € 1m ( 855k, US$ 1.28m ) in government grants. - Source - The Irish Times 14th October 2010


Well spotted sir - Leedswatch CCTV Operator David Illingworth has been presented with a Royal Humane Society Award for his part in saving a collapsed woman. Earlier in the year, he spotted a woman dressed only in pyjamas and socks, wandering along a street in the Osmondthorpe district of Leeds, moments before she collapsed unconscious in deep snow. His prompt action in directing the police to her location, almost certainly saved the womans life. - Source - Yorkshire Evening Post 14th October 2010


And now, the end is near ... - TGiven the low conviction rate achieved by the CCTV cameras in Earley Town Centre, Berkshire, local councillors have passed over the opportunity to acquire the system from Wokingham Borough Council. Citing the huge cost of taking on responsibility for the street surveillance, and the fact that police officers are increasingly being equipped with Body Worn Video (BWV) systems, it's now common knowledge that both the borough council and constabulary are looking to decommission their CCTV operations to save on cost. - Source - Get Wokingham 13th October 2010


High tech cameras on Poles - Scientists from the joint Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology, are working on a two year research programme, to develop video analytic systems that will enhance the operation of Public Space CCTV. Their studies will initially be based around the street surveillance cameras currently being used in Bytom, Poland. - Source - Krakow Post 12th October 2010


United we stand - Barnsley Council in Yorkshire, UK have provided a special grant to shop owners in the village of Goldthorpe, to help them buy their own security cameras. It's hoped that by setting up their own small community based CCTV scheme, this will act as a deterrent against low level crime. - Source - BBC News 10th October 2010


Waves for the cameras - The traditional image of a sun bronzed lifeguard is due for a bit of a makeover, as Australia's Gold Coast goes high tech in it's approach to protecting bathers. As part of a new AUS $ 2m project to develop a system of beach monitoring CCTV cameras has just started trials, the completed network using video analytics to measure surf conditions and look out for stray swimmers, is due to be up and running by the end of next year. - Source - 10th October 2010


Cameras are a bit crook? - In New South Wales, Shoalhaven City Council have been locked in a legal battle with a computer expert, who doesn't want the town to switch on it's Public Space CCTV scheme. Despite a 6,000 signature petition supporting the project and having spent over AUS $ 25k on legal costs, the 18 camera system remains mothballed until the legal challenge is decided by an Tribunal. - Source - The Sydney Morning Herald 10th October 2010


Not so Nice work if you get it - Towns along the French Riviera have for some time been enthusiastically adopting street surveillance CCTV in the name of enhancing public safety, but now it's been revealed that cameras operated as part of the city monitoring system in Nice, will in future also be used to issue penalties for parking offences. - Source - Riviera Review 9th October 2010


Did you see that? - Police have been criticised in Devon, UK after it was revealed that some officers had in the past been passing false information to CCTV Operators, in order to have suspects monitored on camera. In one case, a 54 year old man was arrested and restrained on suspicion of drink driving, when no offence had actually taken place. Investigations upheld parts of his official complaint, and he has since been awarded 17,500 ( US$ 26k, € 19.5k ) in compensation for unlawful arrest and detention. - Source - 6th October 2010


Visual Verification is looking up - A recent survey by the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has reported a significant uptake in BS 8418 certified CCTV systems, that use movement detectors to send camera images through to a Remote Monitoring Centre. In the last year alone, there's been a 22% increase in the use of detector activated CCTV to provide remote visual verification of intruders on remote or unguarded sites. - Source - The Engineer 6th October 2010


For your eyes only - The commercial online CCTV monitoring service "Internet Eyes" has now been launched in Devon, following a number of changes brought in at the request of the UK's Information Commissioner. To access the service, subscribers over the age of 18 will need to pay an annual fee to view CCTV cameras located in commercial premises, and if they spot and report any suspicious activity, they may be in line for a financial reward. - Source - BBC News 4th October 2010


Promise you won't look - Despite local police having requested access to council CCTV footage over 1,200 times in the last two years, leaders at Darlington Borough Council have now decided that enough is enough. In an effort to cut budgets, a senior council officer has been removed from the CCTV team, and in future they will no longer review recordings on behalf of the police. Fortunately, senior councillors have been quick to confirm that normal monitoring of cameras will not be affected. - Source - The Northern Echo 4th October 2010


Proof when it's needed - A court has found that a two year old boy was bullied and humiliated by two nursery nurses who were supposed to protect him. Although the women denied mistreating the child at their nursery in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, the judge convicted the pair based on CCTV evidence which clearly showed him being dragged across the floor, with some of his clothing having been removed. - Source - BBC News 1st October 2010


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