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Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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Looks as good as it sounds? - A specialist UK audio company has developed an analytics system that they claim can identify certain stress situations from the pitch and content of sounds picked up by a microphone. The technology is primarily intended to provide CCTV operators with an automatic system that can differentiate aggressive behaviour or individuals in distress, increasing the efficiency of large surveillance systems which are inherently difficult to manage. - Source - BBC News 30th October 2010

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On the defence against an avoidable assault - Naples Police in Florida have arrested a man on suspicion of having molested a teenage boy at least three times, in the toilet at the local shopping centre. Now the boys mother has issued a law suit against the security company and the mall, on the basis that their failure to monitor the CCTV cameras contributed to the assaults, as they failed to spot the suspect loitering in or near the scene of the crime. - Source - Wink News Now 28th October 2010


Careful what you wish for ... - In an attempt to tackle legalised prostitution in the Dolly red light district of Surabaya, Indonesia, the city authorities are planning to install a town centre CCTV system to dissuade patrons. Whilst there are currently estimated to be 1,600 sex workers operating in the area, one less than impressed East Java Councillor is quoted as saying that "... by installing CCTV cameras in every brothel, people would be too embarassed to come and therefore the clientele would shrink". - Source - Jakarta Globe 28th October 2010


A true case of Forensic Surveillance - Detectives investigating the murder of Asha Muneer in Berkshire, UK, had a suspect firmly in their sights, but no evidence to prove a case. Having established through mobile phone (cellphone) records that his statements to police were peppered with lies, officers retrieved the call locations, and then plotted the suspects route in the hours before the attack. Having retrieved hundreds of hours of surveillance footage, they meticulously built a case which based on the CCTV recordings eventually lead to a guilty verdict. - Source - getreading 28th October 2010


Veiled suspect escapes unveiled cameras - Just days after the new 18 camera surveillance system was officially inaugurated at the Niloufer Hospital in Hyderabad, India, an 11 month old baby was abducted by a woman who's identity was obscured through her wearing a burqa. Challenging for any CCTV installation, but all the more embarassing when investigating officers discovered that the entire camera system was not functioning at the time. It's since been revealed that hospital authorities also failed to install the cameras at locations recommended by the police. - Source - Express Buzz 28th October 2010


It's not all just for show - Exhibitors at the ASIS 2010 event held in Dallas, Texas, were shocked to discover that overnight, valuable items had been removed from a number of stands. Ordinarily it would be nigh on impossible for police to establish any reasonable suspects, but given that ASIS is one of the country's largest security shows, it didn't take long for investigators to review the security camera recordings made by neighbouring exhibitors, and quickly identify the individuals concerned - Source - Business Solutions 27th October 2010


Smugglers scuppered by sophisticated surveillance - A new $ 20 million high tech. surveillance system is already proving it's worth, in helping to tackle the problems of illegal immigrants being smuggled along the St. Clair River, on the US border. Three recent attempts to bring illegals in on boats have been thwarted thanks to a network of surveillance towers along the river, each one equipped with four cameras optimised for both day and night observations. - Source - The Detroit News 27th October 2010


A tragic investigation - Staff at the KEM hospital in Mumbai, India were frantic to locate a missing six week old baby, after the mother reported her abducted from the maternity ward. Within minutes, security staff reviewing CCTV recordings were able to establish that the mother had left the room carrying the infant, but returned to her bed alone a short time later. Under questioning, the mother eventually confessed to having thrown one of her twins out of a bathroom window, where sadly she later succumbed to her injuries. - Source - Times of India 27th October 2010


A load of hot air - The Greater Manchester Fire Authority has been receiving some complaints from irrate motorists that their vehicles have been damaged by the city's fire engines responding to emergencies. Unfortunately for the complainants, the appliances have all been fitted with on-board CCTV systems, that have proven their claims for damages to be false. - Source - BBC News 26th October 2010


More than five a day - A seven man gang of prolific fruit machine bandits, have each received custodial sentences after police successfully prosecuted them for thieving from gaming machines. Using electronic jamming devices, the thieves managed to trick machines into paying out jackpots, which are thought to have run into possibly hundreds of thousands of pounds. Using extensive CCTV evidence, investigating officers charged the gang members over 50 offences, although significantly more were held over. - Source - Oxford Mail 26th October 2010


Well, goodness gracious me - Mr Surendra Jain was sufficiently concerned about security at his jewellery shop in Marol, India, that he went to the expense of having six decent CCTV cameras installed. Imagine how devastated he must have been to find that his shop had been broken in to and a large quantity of valuable stock stolen; then to discover that during his preparations for the Diwali festival days earlier, he had accidentally unplugged the power supply for the entire security camera system. - Source - Hindustan Times 26th October 2010


Who really cared? - A 37 year old Wiltshire man left paralysed after a serious car accident some years ago, was becoming increasingly worried about the general standard of medical care he was receiving at home. Having arranged for a CCTV camera to be installed by his bedside just as a precaution, a matter of days later an agency nurse was filmed accidentally switching off his ventilator. In the twenty minutes that elapsed before emergency paramedics eventually managed to restart the life support machine, tragically the patient suffered serious brain damage. - Source - The Telegraph 25th October 2010


Thanks but no thanks - News from Australia, where a public CCTV system staffed entirely by community volunteers has been described by an advocate as " ... a waste of time". Mick McKettrick became the volunteers team leader since the scheme was first launched back in 2005, and having worked tirelessly on the project since then, he has now resigned citing a general lack of support from council officers, and a failure of police to respond to incidents reported by the CCTV Operators. - Source - In my Community 22nd October 2010


Some things you shouldn't see - Instead of enjoying his holiday away at Disney Land, for one Florida resident, the whole trip turned out to be not quite what he expected. Having rigged up a six camera security surveillance system throughout his home, he was left helplessly watching over the internet as a team of burglars ransacked his property over 200 miles away. Over a period of some hours, the thieves returned again and again, but for some reason the victim apparently didn't inform the police. - Source - Mail Online 21st October 2010


You can't knock it - The St. Clair County Sheriff's Department have just unveiled their new surveillance equipped armoured vehicle, nicknamed "The Exterminator". The high visibility vandal proof truck is designed to be parked up in a local crime hotspot, and provide an active deterrent to low level criminal activity. Where a handful of similar units have been deployed in other parts of the States, rather than transmitting or recording video images of crimes in progress, in practice the actual level of offences has been seen to drop virtually to zero. - Source - 19th October 2010

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