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Doktor Jon's Guide to the Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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A bit of a touchy subject - Following alleged pressure from the National Police Agency, the train operators in Tokyo, Japan, are considering installing CCTV cameras on carriages, to deter 'gropers'. Whilst it's been reported that last year alone, the NPA filed over four thousand cases of groping on trains, operators are concerned that installing surveillance cameras may create a huge surge in privacy related complaints. - Source - The Japan Times 25th November 2009

Park it ... and walk away! - A hapless motorist has now had time to reflect on what can happen if you're in too much of a hurry to park a car in Central London. Having stopped on double yellow lines, he was spotted by a CCTV Operator running away from the vehicle, parked less than 400 metres from Downing Street. When he returned a short while later, his vehicle had been blown up by counter terrorism officers. - Source - TimesOnline 23rd November 2009

When Rights can lead to wrongs - Questions are being asked, after a convicted serial killer managed to commit suicide in the Seoul Detention House. Whilst all high risk prisoners had previously been subject to round the clock surveillance, the CCTV cameras were recently removed following pressure from a human rights organisation that was concerned about an invasion of the inmates privacy. - Source - Korea Times 22nd November 2009

Rings bring in the changes - In the final months before the flame is lit at the 2010 Winter Olympics, residents of Vancouver are coming to terms with a big increase in the numbers of Public Space CCTV cameras. The normally privacy protecting Canadians will witness a further 900 cameras being added to the existing 1,200 that currently dot the skyline around the city. Whilst the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are reported to be spending C$ 1 billion on the overall security operation, the additional cameras are scheduled to be removed after the games are over. - Source - 21st November 2009

An illegally acquired taste - A petrol (gas) station convenience store owner in Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire, UK, has been forced to stop selling Marmite spread, after a shoplifter stole the entire stock. The thief with a taste for the not so high life, has so far been captured on CCTV stealing a total of 18 jars of the foodstuff, over four separate occasions. - Source - 21st November 2009

Video surveillance in a different league - A current 'lab' research project being carried out by the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security (NCS4), will see high resolution video surveillance being evaluated in a range of sport facilities across the US. This is believed to be the only concerted attempt by an academic based group, to evaluate the benefits and suitability of high end video surveillance as a functional security and safety resource, suitable for effectively managing sporting events. - Source - HattiesburgAmerican 21st November 2009

Cameras with just one catch - Upwell Parish Council in Cambridgeshire, UK, have been told by the police that their CCTV equipment is incapable of recording to standards laid down by the Home Office. Councillors have argued that the presence of the cameras has provided some level of deterrence, but they are disappointed that according to local officers, the recorded images are not really fit for purpose. - Source - Wisbech Standard 24 20th November 2009

We're only making plans for .... - At the recent annual conference of the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA), held in Fort Worth, Texas, the Assistant Chief Constable of Cheshire Police Graeme Gerrard, gave a keynote speech which highlighted various aspects of the UK's experience in using CCTV over the last couple of decades. Looking ahead to the future, ACC Gerrard explained the need for technical and operational standards to be developed, supported by an effective approach towards routine inspection and regulation. - Source - Government Video 20th November 2009

A shot from the dark - News from South Charleston, USA, where a CCTV technician was accidentally shot whilst repairing a faulty camera. The 36 year old was apparently working on the roof of a department store, when having reached into a small chamber to access the camera's cables, he accidentally touched a hidden gun which went off. - Source - 19th November 2009

Twitching curtains in leafy suburbia - Croydon council has recently announced that it's carrying out a trial to use residential CCTV to help tackle Anti Social Behaviour. The south London Local Authority have supplied each of two houses with a hidden camera, that is used to monitor the street in an effort to identify individuals involved in low level criminality. The cameras which are linked to a laptop computer for recording, can be accessed by either the police or council officials should the need arise. - Source - Daily Mail 19th November 2009

Advice don't come cheap - The City of Columbus in Ohio, US, have set aside $ 250,000 to pay for a Security Consultancy to advise on the placement of street surveillance cameras. The Columbus based practice are to receive the remuneration for planning a project, which according to a city official, they may not be able to afford. - Source - The Columbus Dispatch 17th November 2009

Lessons to be learned - The UK's Information Commissioners Office have expressed their concern over the use of CCTV in a primary school run by Salford Council. Police had previously been called by concerned parents, after it was discovered that security cameras were filming the pupils all day, including whilst they were changing for their gym lessons. Whilst the police decided that no laws had been broken, the ICO's Assistant Commissioner described the council's use of cameras in the school as "unprecedented". . - Source - Manchester Evening News 16th November 2009

Surveillance in the States - It's been reported by CBS News that the US Department of Homeland Security have so far spent around $1 billion on Public Space Surveillance cameras. Donna Lieberman, the executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union, has suggested that whilst cameras are not all bad, she would like to see a register of cameras, with more regulation of the way that they're used. - Source - CBS News 17th November 2009

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