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Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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Captured on a joint operation - Three hapless soldiers from Fort Carson, Colorado got more than they bargained for, when they broke in to the Rocky Road Remedies, medicinal marijuana outlet. Having forced their way in to the store, the trio were captured on camera "... like rats in a maze", after the doors automatically locked behind them. Unaware that the entire stock was actually locked away in a secure safe, the bungling burglars are now being held on bail. - Source - ABC News 14th November 2010

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Shamed by surveillance - Two mortuary technicians were caught on camera, dragging a deceased male from a fourth floor apartment in New York, through various parts of the building, before unceremoniously dumping the corpse in the back of their van. Now the local Medical Examiners office is facing legal action over the appallingly disrespectful behaviour of their employees. - Source - 14th November 2010


Community cameras curb crime - In recent months, the Derbyshire town of Swandlincote has reported a 46% drop in shoplifting, and a 42% reduction in thefts from vehicles, since a 50,000 CCTV scheme was launched. According to the local crime reduction partnership, anti social behaviour has also seen a significant reduction over the summer months. - Source - BBC News 13th November 2010


Tipping the scales - Following a spate of thefts from a pool in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, the owners have been forced to install CCTV to try and tackle the problem. In the last couple of years, perhaps 20 high value carp are believed to have been lifted from the waters without permission, costing the operators perhaps 20k ( $ 32k, €23k ) to replace the fish, some of which are up to 12Kgs. in weight. - Source - Shropshire Star 13th November 2010


A shocking lapse in security - Investigations into the terrorist attack on Karachi port police station have been seriously compromised, after it was revealed that the sites CCTV was not working. The Criminal Investigation Department's office was devastated in a terrorist outrage involving 10 suspects, who carried out a co-ordinated attack which left 19 people dead. It's since been revealed that vital security camera recordings were not available, because the local power company had shut off the electricity supply to the building, the day before the attack. - Source - India Talkies 13th November 2010


Spotting student suspects - Following the violent disturbances that took place at London's Millbank Tower, headquarters of the Conservative Party, a team of police officers are currently examining hundreds of hours of CCTV footage to try and identify the individuals involved. The rioting broke out after thousands of students protested over proposed increases in university tuition fees. - Source - London Evening Standard 12th November 2010


Hardly a soar away success - Officers from Greater Manchester Police have had to admit defeat, after plans to deploy an advanced surveillance blimp, were scuppered by the weather. The 800k (US$1.22m, €900k ) aeriel platform, should have provided the ideal base for airborne observations using advanced CCTV cameras, but it's deployment at large outdoor events has been less than spectacular, with significant damage to the envelope being caused by windy conditions . - Source - 12th November 2010


Smoking out the suspects - Guy Fawkes night is a traditional time for pyrotechnics, but for fire officers responding to an unauthorised bonfire in Dumfries, Scotland, coming under sustained 'rocket' attack by a gang of local youths, was never really considered part of the job. Given that all the brigades appliances are now fitted with CCTV, recordings of the incident may be passed to local police in an attempt to identify the suspects. - Source - Dumfries & Galloway Standard 10th November 2010


You don't mess with them - Private investigators have been hiding miniature covert CCTV cameras in parks across Milton Keynes, UK in an attempt to identify irresponsible dog owners who are allowing their pets to foul, without clearing up afterwards. Images from around 15 cameras are streamed onto the internet, and remotely monitored to help identify persistant offenders. - Source - MailOnline 10th November 2010


One more year in .... - The Interior Minister in Luxembourg has announced that the CCTV cameras currently in use in the capital, will have their operation extended for another year. The announcement follows an anti CCTV rally held just days earlier in Luxembourg city centre.. - Source - 352LuxMag 9th November 2010


That's just not fare - A Nottingham cab driver has lost his job, after posting videos of his passengers on YouTube. The driver collected CCTV recordings of his fare's from the vehicles on board CCTV system, and then posted them on the media sharing website, in direct contravention of the UK's Data Protection Act. - Source - NineMSN News 9th November 2010


Facing up to the future of policing - News from Australia, where the Victoria Police are introducing their revolutionary iFace suspect recognition system. Designed as an electronic 'mug shot' database, over 750,000 images are held which can be compared against CCTV images in any of the force's 260 police stations. - Source - 9th November 2010


A case of criminal ineptitude ...? - In their ongoing investigation into the abduction of Madeleine McCann, the Daily Express interviewed the former detective Goncalo Amaral who led the search for the missing toddler. On a walkabout at the now infamous Praia da Luz resort, Amaral revealed that vital CCTV evidence that may have identified her abductor, was actually deleted by the time his officers managed to gain access to the recording system. - Source - 7th November 2010


An open and shut case - After months of investigations at the Philadelphia International Airport, four American Airlines baggage handlers have been arrested on various charges relating to theft of valuables. Police were originally alerted to a problem by the airline, and following intensive investigations, the suspects were eventually caught on covert CCTV removing property from passengers bags. - Source - The Philadelphia Inquirer 6th November 2010


A paper bag exercise - An irate passer-by has been caught on camera, tackling a local authority CCTV parking enforcement vehicle. The City of Westminster car was parked up on double yellow lines on a street in Maida Vale, when a passing man decided to challenge the two man crew over the use of CCTV to capture errant motorists. Having made his views clear on the use of surveillance, he then proceeded to cover the car's mast mounted camera with a paper bag, that quickly fell away as the camera was extended. - Source - Daily Mail 6th November 2010


Charity tin crim caught short - A Magistrates Court in Canberra, Australia, has sentenced a 32 year old man to a month in jail, for stealing a charity tin containing just AUS$ 5. The collection box which was placed in a restaurant to help raise funds for a child diagnised with cancer, was taken by the accused and stuffed down the front of his shorts, all in clear view of the premises CCTV camera. - Source - ABC News 4th November 2010


A view like no other - After three years of development and costing around $ 17.5 million per set, the US military is about to deploy it's latest airborne surveillance system. Somewhat colourfully named "Gorgon Stare", the imaging pod is to be fitted to an MQ-9 "Reaper" Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) operating over sensitive locations in Afghanistan. The unique onboard imaging systems can provide a composite 80 megapixel colour image, alongside a composite 32 megapixel infra red view, both stored onboard for post operation analysis, and also streamed live at two images per second to the ground crew and battlefield commanders. - Source - Aviation Week 3rd November 2010


Movies, monitoring and emotion - The Machine Vision Lab at the University of the West of England has awarded a contract to specialist analytics company Aralia Systems, to develop an imaging system for use in movie theatres. In an attempt to tackle the constant problems of 'pirates' with camcorders making copies of blockbuster films, the project is tasked with designing an advanced surveillance system that can analyse certain physical reactions and emotions. - Source - TechSpot 3rd November 2010


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