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Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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Deal or no deal ...? - The latest figures released by the UK's Big Brother Watch, have revealed that around 300m ( US$ 450m, € 345m ) of ratepayers money was spent on council operated CCTV in the last three years. Birmingham has apparently shelled out 10m alone, and a further ten councils have each invested over 3m on their Public Space Surveillance. - Source - Daily Mail - Big Brother Watch 30th November 2010


The world is getting smaller - News from Namibia, where the Windhoek City Police have just officially commissioned their Public Space Surveillance system.So far, 94 cameras have been deployed in what the Namibian Police' Inspector General has described as a milestone in combating crime, and the country's history. - Source - New 30th November 2010

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A bitter pill to swallow - A magistrate is to decide whether a police inspector in George Town, Malaysia, should pay compensation to two suspects he assaulted. Earlier in the year, the pair were arrested and beaten in clear sight of a CCTV camera, which also happened to capture the officer planting ecstasy tablets on the accused. - Source - The Star Online 30th November 2010


Location, location, location - The plan to move town centre CCTV monitoring equipment from Malmesbury town hall to the local police station, have been shelved as part of a cost cutting exercise. Local councillors are now desperately looking for an alternative venue, and are appealing for suggestions from the public. - Source - This is Wiltshire 28th November 2010


Driven off the roads - During a two week period, police officers mounted a targetted operation against illegal drivers in Wales, making extensive use of ANPR cameras. Involving all four of the country's constabularies, a total of 400 vehicles were seized, and 30 people arrested on a variety of charges. - Source - News Wales 26th November 2010


Milanese to get ... protection - Announcing a major investment in new surveillance systems across the city of Milan, the vice Mayor has confirmed that 1 million euros have been earmarked for extra cameras and software upgrades in 14 districts across the city. - Source - adnkronos international 26th November 2010


Now see what they missed - Ten months after a seven year old boy in foster care went missing from a housing complex in Brooklyn, New York, his mother has now filed a lawsuit claiming negligence by the management. Despite the NYPD having conducted thousands of interviews and carried out extensive searches, the mother's claim focuses on alleged failures with the buildings security camera system, which was unable to record any persons entering or exiting the building. - Source - NY Daily News 26th November 2010


Working 9 till 5 .... - A 17 year old mugging victim is just one of almost a thousand residents that has petitioned Cotswold District Council, to increase the number of hours that Cirencester's CCTV system is monitored by operators. Following significant staffing cuts to the towns CCTV control room, worried residents are demanding that operators be allowed to monitor the cameras for at least 112 hours a week, and not simply during restricted hours leaving many out of hours crimes unobserved and undetected. - Source - Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard 26th November 2010


Pedalling a new message - New York City's MTA transit authority are adopting a novel approach for warning drivers about their new Bus Lane enforcement CCTV cameras. Eight cyclists are being employed to cycle along the busways, towing a poster that promises a $ 115 fine for anyone caught on camera driving in the restricted lanes. - Source - NY Daily News 20th November 2010


Accused cleared by camera - A 21 year old has been jailed after accusing a man of sexually assaulting her in front of a group of people, in a bizarre attempt to clear her 3k drug debt. The accused was arrested and bailed for 15 weeks before police managed to establish through CCTV evidence that he was entirely innocent of the trumped up charges. Having admitted perverting the course of justice, the woman is now serving an 18 month prison sentence. - Source - Mail Online 20th November 2010


Cameras concentrating on cuts - The UK supermarket operator Morrisons, has announced their intention to install CCTV in their abattoirs. Within weeks, cameras will be deployed at two meat processing sites, to help raise animal welfare standards, in a move which has been warmly welcomed by the RSPCA. - Source - BBC News 19th November 2010


Criminals face a new challenge - Over 30 businesses involved in the Victoria Business Improvement District in London, have launched the 'Facewatch' system to try and tackle problems with bag snatchers and shoplifters. The service provides a simple method for CCTV users to upload security camera recordings of suspects along with crime details, which are then immediately available for use by the local police. - Source - SKY News 18th November 2010


Pilgrims make progress unhindered - The installation of over 2,000 CCTV cameras in Makkah (Mecca) and around the holy sites, is leading to a significant reduction in the number of pickpockets. Security forces challenged with protecting visitors on the annual Haj (pilgrimage to Mecca) have arrested a number of thieves who are now scheduled to appear in court. - Source - Arab 18th November 2010


As if by magic .... - After a rare first edition Harry Potter book worth an estimated 6k ((US$ 9k, €6.5k ), was taken from a gallery in Woodstock, Oxfordshire, police issued CCTV images of a man and a woman sought as part of their enquiries. Following a significant response from the public, a woman has been arrested on suspicion of theft, although fortunately the missing edition of 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' had already been recovered and handed over to police by a member of the public. - Source - The Independent 17th November 2010


Charity begins ... - A rapid increase in thefts from Salvation Army donation bins in Australia, has forced a decision to roll out CCTV across their stores nationwide. With losses now approaching AUS$ 1m per year, it's hoped that security cameras will lead to a marked reduction in stealing from their outlets. - Source - Herald Sun 16th November 2010


Proof, if proof were needed - At a recent conference held in Dunblane, Assistant Chief Constable Ruaraidh Nicholson from ACPOS, suggested that future use of Public Space CCTV must be needs based, and it's continued use justified by results. He warned that where cameras fail to perform a useful function, the technology may need to be scaled back. - Source - Herald Scotland 16th November 2010


When push came to shove - An 83 year old motorist from Bristol, has been banned from driving for 12 months, after having been caught on CCTV using his car to shunt another vehicle that was blocking his garage. This being the second offence of it's kind, the pensioner also received fines and damages amounting to almost 2k (US$ 3k, € 2.2k ) after pleading guilty to the first offence, and having been convicted by jury on the second count. - Source - The Telegraph 16th November 2010


On the right tracks - New York City's "Lower Manhattan Security Initiative" has reached an important milestone, with 1,300 cameras now fully operational, and nearing the projects half way target. The recent huge increase in numbers has been down to installations in subway stations, which are a vital part of the $ 201 million project. - Source - Government Video 15th November 2010


Going back up in downtown - Immediately following the G20 summit held in June, it was agreed that based on privacy issues, the host city of Toronto would decommission the 77 Public Space CCTV cameras that were deployed to help secure the gathering. Now the city's police chief is expected to request that the cameras be retained to help improve security in key locations. - Source - 15th November 2010


What price justice ...? - After having had to endure 12 months of accusations relating to a minor "shoplifting" incident, a senior police officer has now been cleared of the charges, thanks to vital CCTV evidence. The 45 year old Chief Inspector was taken to court charged with having stolen a 12.72 pot of make up cream, from a Tesco store in Nottingham. The judge instructed the jury to dismiss the case, after having reviewed 20 minutes of the stores CCTV recordings, it was quite apparent that "... it was an act of forgetfulness rather than dishonesty". - Source - Brighouse Echo 15th November 2010


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