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Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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It's check out time for resident security - Following a complaint by the workers unions, the Holiday Inn hotel in Nicosia, Cyprus has been fined € 3,000 by the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection, for infringements caused by it's CCTV. Despite claims that the camera system is used exclusively for safety and security, the Commissioner has directed that 25 of their 60 cameras will have to be removed, and many other units re-aligned to uphold best practice in public privacy. - Source - Cyprus Mail 30th November 2011

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Suspects nose brings him up before the beak - An armed robber from Preston in Lancashire, is starting a three year jail term for his crime, after his identity was confirmed by his nose. He thought that by wearing a scarf over his face this would prevent the CCTV cameras in DIP's newsagent from recording his image during the raid, but it didn't quite go according to plan. Investigating officers initially arrested the 24 year old suspect based on a tip off, but then relied on a number of comparative forensic surveillance techniques in order to confirm that he was indeed the robber captured on camera. - Source - Mail Online 30th November 2011


Hand and electronic eye co-ordination - In an interesting experiment to help combat hospital borne infections, the North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, New York, deployed CCTV cameras at the entrances to medical wards and intensive care units. Staff were instructed to properly hand wash for at least 10 seconds at a sanitising station, whilst being recorded by the infection control camera system. As part of a research project, it has proven so successful that compliance has now risen to almost 90%, with obvious benefits to all patients. - Source - NBC New York 29th November 2011

Now you see them, now you won't - Meeran Borwankar, the city police commissioner in Pune, India has somewhat controversially introduced a ban on any CCTV footage that identifies suspects, from being released to the news and media. The ruling is based on the premis that by seeing images of suspects before their capture, this is likely to influence the outcome of any identity parade, and could indeed compromise the outcome of any subsequent trial. - Source - Pune Mirror 29th November 2011

Tribunal rules on harassment by camera - A 26 year old female cleaner who took her employers to a tribunal, has won her case for sexual discrimination. After complaining that a security guard employed at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, was stalking her at work using the site's CCTV camera system, the tribunal has ruled that her complaints were not dealt with properly, and as such have awarded her 27,750 ( $ 42k, € 31k ) in compensation. The security guard who had previously been convicted at court, and listed on a sex offenders register for three years, has also been ordered to pay 1,000 to his victim. - Source - Scotsman / Edinburgh Evening News 26th November 2011

Almost a cloak of invisibility - With meticulous planning and the application of cutting edge technology, two hapless thieves broke in to the Wienerschnitzel diner in Anaheim, California intent on stealing the stores ATM machine. By carefully applying a paper napkin over the CCTV camera's lens the suspects were able to work unhindered, that is until the flimsy drape floated off onto the floor. Fortunately they were able to replace it, but not without first providing a close up full on face view which police are now in the process of circulating throughout the states news and media. - Source - CBS Los Angeles 28th November 2011


Parking fee's to help fund the park - A pilot project using ANPR cameras to manage a public car park in the Lake District, has been so successful that it's set to be rolled out at other locations. For the last year, the Waterhead car park in Ambleside, Cumbria, has been using cameras to capture vehicle number plates as they enter and leave the facility. Failure to purchase a parking ticket will result in a fine being forwarded by post to the vehicles registered keeper. All monies raised are used to help maintain the Lake District National Park. - Source - North West Evening Mail 26th November 2011

Smart cars consigned to the stupid scrapheap - In the wake of the parking penalty refund debacle where Richmond Council were compelled to pay back around 1 million ( $ 1.55m, € 1.1m ) in unlawfully levied traffic fines, the local authority has now decreed that it's fleet of four parking enforcement vehicles will be removed from the boroughs roads. The leader of the council Lord True, is quoted as saying that he was "glad to see the back of the cars". - Source - BBC London News 25th November 2011


Droning on over the Olympics - Whilst many Londoners are already dreading the anticipated disruption due to be caused by the rapidly approaching 2012 Olympics, at least one aspect of the events planning is still very much up in the air. Given the scale and challenges presented by this unique world class event, the capitols Metropolitan Police Service are reportedly in discussions with the Civil Aviation Authority to secure vital consent for the use of remote control airborne camera platforms, to be used in addition to conventional ground based security imaging systems. - Source - The Independent 25th November 2011

Jeux sans frontieres - When the Boston Bruins beat the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup playoffs on June 15th, the riots that followed saw city detectives struggling to rapidly retrieve around 5,000 hours of CCTV recordings, which would eventually require detailed forensic review and analysis. In order to speed the process along, around 50 key Vancouver police department personnel were decamped to the specialist Digital Media Evidence Processing Lab, located at the University of Indianapolis, to make use of what has been described as "... the worlds largest and most advanced forensic video facility". - Source - IndyStar 25th November 2011


Pandering to their every need - Excitement mounts as the imminent arrival of Edinburgh zoo's latest guests, Giant Pandas Tian Tian and Yang Guang grows ever nearer. Having spent around 300k ( $ 450, € 330k ), on building a special enclosure for the new arrivals, apart from the bare essentials a number of video surveillance cameras have also been installed, to provide an online eye into the world of these rarest of creatures. Whilst hopes are high for the patter of tiny paws, public access cameras are most definitely not being provided in the bedroom department. - Source - The Scotsman 24th November 2011

It isn't just time that's precious - After a 16 year old girl was sexually assaulted on a bus in Toronto at around 7.30am, the incident was subsequently reported to the transit company (TTC) by her mother less than four hours later. Having been advised to immediately contact the police, they were apparently notified of the incident later in the afternoon. Despite apparently having done all the right things, the family were shocked to discover that the vital CCTV recordings from the vehicle, were automatically deleted just 15 hours after being captured. The recording retention period is apparently mandated by the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner, and without a specific request from the police, the TTC are not able to accept requests to retain material from any other party. - Source - 24th November 2011


Considered cutbacks or a naive knee jerk ....? - Proposals by Darlington Council to cut back 15% on it's CCTV operation, is according to it's own website, likely to result in an increase in crime. The local authority currently operates 112 cameras, and the suggestion that those located in "outlying areas" may be removed, could see as many as 46 units being decommissioned away from the town centre. - Source - BBC News Tees 24th November 2011

A lesson other schools could learn - The Freehold Borough Board of Education in New Jersey, have entered in to a 'memorandum of understanding' with their local Police Department, to provide real time access to the schools video surveillance systems. In the event of a serious incident, the Police Chief or selected officers will using the correct password, be able to remotely access the security camera systems to help evaluate and co-ordinate any response that they deem appropriate. - Source - Freehold Patch 22nd November 2011


On best behaviour for the cameras - Since around 140 cameras were installed in 14 schools within the Umm Al Quwain Educational Zone in the UAE, the organisations Director Shaikha Amena bint Ali Al Mualla has reported a 75 % drop in indiscipline amongst their pupils, across all grades. - Source - Khaleej Times Online 23rd November 2011

Vehicle veracity verified by video - Looking to tighten up on cross border security, the Dutch government have authorised the deployment of ANPR camera systems at 15 major entry points shared with Belgium and Germany. The security cameras will be tasked with identifying stolen vehicles, or those suspected of involvement in trans national crime. Meanwhile, the European Commission is investigating whether the proposals are lawful, under EU legislation relating to freedom of movement in the 'Schengen' area. - Source - EU Observer 21st November 2011


Should have gone to Specsavers - A dozy 19 year old thief thought all his christmasses had come early when he burgled a house in Newcastle, helping himself to a laptop, speakers and a bottle of vodka. Only slight problem was all the stolen items belong to Northumbria Police, and being quite hot on crime prevention, they'd thoughtfully wired up the entire premises with an array of CCTV cameras. Whilst sentencing has been deferred at Newcastle Crown Court,officers have confirmed that a range of other premises and property have been suitably equipped, as part of an ongoing sting operation at sites right across the city. - Source - Mail Online 19th November 2011

Security, but at what cost? - An ambitious scheme which provided security coverage for 318 businesses located across eight industrial estates in Bolton, has been scrapped after six years of operation. In order to provide 24 hour monitored CCTV, security patrols, pager alarms and a security advice service, businesses were required to pay between 500 and 4,000 per year ( $ 750 > 6,000, € 550 ≥ 4,500 ). At a recent members ballot, it was decided by a vote of 3:1 to cancel the 3m scheme, which many considered to be unaffordable. - Source - Bolton News 18th November 2011

Camera schemes seek good counsel - Wiltshire Council's eleven different CCTV schemes covering fourteen areas, are coming under the spotlight, as officers are tasked with having to review the current set up, and look at ways of making cost savings. Selective upgrades to save on ongoing operating expenditure, and income generation are two key areas set for further investigation. - Source - BBC News Wiltshire 18th November 2011

Thinking outside the CCTV box - Following an initial one month pilot scheme using a single network camera, which was set up to monitor a road plagued by anti social behaviour, Surrey Police have now decided to buy a further two similar cameras for use in other locations. Unlike conventional CCTV units, the IP Video "Jabbakam" models are internet accessible, so can be rapidly deployed and operated at relatively low cost. - Source - The Guardian 17th November 2011


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