Doktor Jon's Guide to the Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video
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Doktor Jon's Guide to the Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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Thief arrested on souped up charges - A 27 year old man has been charged with breaking and entering and larceny, after he forced his way into the First United Methodist Church in Hickory, North Carolina. Even though the church authorities had previously been helping the homeless individual, he carefully disabled the buildings electricity supply, before breaking in and stealing $ 15 worth of food, including two tins of soup. Despite the power outage, the church's CCTV continued to operate on a back up power supply, allowing police to quickly identify their suspect. - Source - Hickory Daily record 31st July 2010

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Frenzied destruction that starts with a crack - Seven brothers have been jailed after wrecking a pub in Balbriggan, Dublin, causing around €90k worth of damage. The orgy of destruction was clearly captured on the bars CCTV system, despite their repeated attempts to break down the office door, where the recording equipment was being securely stored. - Source - 31st July 2010


Not enough time, gentlemen, please ... - A Bar in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, has been closed by police, after it was discovered that the CCTV system was not being operated correctly. An inspection by officers discovered that the previous 31 days activity had failed to be recorded, which is contrary to a specific requirement stated on the premises licence to sell alcohol. - Source - This is Nottingham 30th July 2010


Scrap yard owners left quite cross - A man has been acquitted of stealing copper cable from a scrapyard in Luqa, Malta, after the court failed to accept his identification from a poor quality CCTV image, this despite the business owners having recognised him from an earlier visit. - Source - Times of 29th July 2010


Facing up to the consequences - A gang of violent teenage thugs who went on the rampage in Trafford, have been convicted after police and forensic specialists used facial mapping techniques, to help identify the suspects from CCTV recordings. Greater Manchester Police and the Crown Prosecution Service managed to secure convictions, after officers trawled through over 300 hours of security camera recordings to help produce a timeline of the gangs movements leading up to the attacks. - Source - Manchester Evening News 29th July 2010


A lesson learned - Following the national outcry over the deployment of over 200 CCTV cameras in a predominantly Muslim area of Birmingham, UK, police have been consulting with local residents, and receiving a surprisingly positive response. Despite nationwide media coverage over the deployment of both overt and covert surveillance cameras using counter terrorism funding, a meeting of local residents highlighted general approval of their use, but exposed deep concerns about the prior lack of any proper consultation with the community. - Source - Birmingham Mail.Net 28th July 2010


When the going gets tough ... - Cornwall Council is the latest UK authority to look closely at the ongoing costs and payback associated with it's CCTV operations. Amid growing concerns and austerity cutbacks, the council will be looking at how effective their video surveillance is proving to be, and whether the annual operating costs of almost 800k ( $ 1.2m, € 900k) can be justified in maintaining operation of just 161 security cameras. - Source - This is Cornwall 28th July 2010


Cameras up, crime down - The installation of CCTV in 25 local councils across Malaysia, are credited with helping to drive a significant reduction in crime. According to the Housing and Local Councils Minister, the deployment of almost 500 CCTV cameras, all linked back to the district and state police, has helped to reduce the crime rate by 30%. - Source - 27th July 2010


The trees keep watch - To help protect the drinking water supply for Sydney, Australia, authorities have installed a number of covert CCTV cameras in various trees around the Warragamba Dam. In the first twelve months of operation, 40 individuals and businesses have been fined for a range of offences, including dumping asbestos, and illegal deer hunting. - Source - The Daily Telegraph 26th July 2010


May the force be after you - It's bad enough when a bank is held up at gunpoint, but for the staff at the Chase bank in Long Island, New York, it must have been an added shock to see the robber dressed up as Darth Vader. Having fled the premises with his ill gotten gains, he was last seen riding away on a pushbike. The entire episode was captured on the banks CCTV system, and the local Suffolk County Police force are now currently studying the 'film'. - Source - Newslite 23rd July 2010


The Watchmen keep watching - According to the CCTV Control Room Manager, Chelmsford's shoplifters rarely get up until after lunch. Tasked with monitoring the Essex towns surveillance system 24/7, it's been reported that 837 criminals were spotted on camera during the past year. - Source - This is Total Essex 22nd July 2010


Borrow with pride - The London Borough of Southwark will soon be able to increase it's camera count by 30%, after it's officers reached an agreement with Transport for London (TfL). Following discussions, it's been agreed that the council's CCTV control room will be able to access 71 cameras currently being used for traffic monitoring and vehicle management, which will undoubtedly help in tackling a sudden rise in violent crime throughout the borough. - Source - Southwark News 22nd July 2010


The pictures keep coming - The Wiltshire town of Devizes can breathe a sigh of relief, after councillors agreed to a 10k ( $15k, €12k) rescue package, to help keep their three year old eight camera CCTV system in operation. Although the schemes operators were looking for a cash injection of over 13k, the urgent release of funding will at least keep the cameras operating, when their future outlook had previously been somewhat bleak. - Source - This is Wiltshire 22nd July 2010


A bare faced misuse of authority - A senior prison officer with over 18 years dedicated service in Dallas County jails, has lost his job after allegations of impropriety. Whilst CCTV is routinely used throughout the facilities, it was a camera set up to monitor the showers used by women prisoners, that was instrumental in his downfall. Apparently the privacy masking 'strip' that is supposed to maintain the prisoners modesty when they're effectively stripped off, had somehow managed to escape from the monitoring screen. - Source - Star Telegram 20th July 2010


Grassed up by a camera - A 32 year old Coventry man has been caught red handed, when he systematically removed a newly laid lawn from a housing development, being constantly monitored by CCTV. The camera recorded the suspect as he loaded up his wheelie bin with the fresh turf, and transferred it to his home in the wee small hours. By way of a "community resolution" the developers Bellway Homes have agreed with West Midlands Police to allow the suspect to re-lay the grass from where it was originally taken. - Source - BBC News 20th July 2010


A 'U' turn on traffic enforcement - It's been reported that Hounslow Council in west London, has suspended the use of some CCTV cameras that were being tasked with traffic enforcement. According to guidelines, Penalty Charge Notices can only be issued for traffic offences, if sufficient warning signage has been displayed, and it's the lack of suitable notification that has prompted the Council's turnaround on existing camera enforcement operations - Source - 20th July 2010


He doth protest too much - A post graduate student, Adil Hussein has been banned for life from the Aligarh Muslim University in Lucknow, India, after encouraging protest over the university's plans to install CCTV throughout the campus. - Source - The Times of India 20th July 2010




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