Doktor Jon's Guide to the Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video
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Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance
Doktor Jons Guide to The Use and Application of CCTV & IP Video - a unique resource providing information and advice on  the modern use of CCTV video surveillance

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Investigators use hidden assets - A firefighter from East Pierce in Seattle, has been charged with four counts of theft, after stealing cash from his station house charity fund. The Bonney Lake Police Department deployed a covert surveillance system and marked bills, to help identify the suspect. After being advised of the hidden security camera footage, the suspect eventually confessed to stealing various sums over a four week period. - Source - SeattlePi 1st August 2010

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Criminals car captured by cameras - Detectives investigating the tragic deaths of a couple killed in an arson attack on their home in Blackburn, Lancashire, were fortunate that CCTV was instrumental in capturing the suspects. In what turned out to be a mistaken attack on the wrong property, a neighbours camera recorded an indistinct image of a suspect vehicle, that was subsequently matched to a clear ANPR capture taken some minutes later. The gang were eventually arrested in London, some 250 miles from the scene of the crime. - Source - BBC News 2nd August 2010


The keys to unlock a case - Detectives in Racine, Wisconsin have charged a man with first degree sexual assault, after he was caught on camera stealing his victims house keys, while she sat drinking in a local tavern. If convicted of all charges he faces 135 years in jail. - Source - The Journal 2nd August 2010


One small step for .... - CCTV has traditionally provided a 'force multiplier' function, when it comes to allowing a security officer to cover a large area, but now a new free roaming robot called QB, is scheduled to be launched onto the market in the next couple of months. Initially designed to allow supervisors and managers to remotely interact with their workplace colleagues, the basic concept does open up very interesting possibilities for enhancing security in unattended locations. - Source - Click News 3rd August 2010


The age of the e-Deputy? - Ramsey County Sheriffs Office in Minnesota, has come up with a plan to operate a "Neighbourhood eWatch" programme, using a recently set up website to provide local residents with access to video streams from initially ten cameras. If anyone spots suspicious activity, they can quickly contact the nearby control room in St. Paul and the operators will 'take it from there'. - Source - 3rd August 2010


A step in the wrong direction - A 33 year old first year teacher from Brooklyn in the US, was caught on CCTV apparently throwing herself down a school staircase, in an apparent attempt to avoid having a routine assesment by her supervisor. Having taken a few days off work to recover, she then subsequently resigned her position after being subject to questioning over the incident. - Source - Ninemsn 4th August 2010


Stripped down surveillance - News from West Virginia, US where a female patient has issued legal proceedings against the Charleston Area Medical Center, after she underwent an examination in a room equipped with video surveillance equipment. Not having become aware of the CCTV camera until later in her medical examination, her lawsuit claims invasion of privacy caused by the presence of the unwarrented surveillance. - Source - The West Virginia Record 4th August 2010


Thieving gang caught by their Rolex - Four members of a 'smash and grab' team were apprehended, following the quick reactions of a CCTV Operator who managed to track their escape route and inform the police. The raid at a jewellers shop in the Bentalls Centre in Surrey, UK, was thwarted after pursuing officers who were being pelted with expensive designer watches, managed to detain the suspects as they struggled to escape with their 500k haul ( $750k, €550k). . - Source - 4th August 2010


It's enough to make you snap - Embarassed bosses at Liverpool's Echo Arena, have been compelled to apologise after over zealous security guards challenged a disabled photographer, who they claimed posed a threat to the venue. Whilst the photographer was trying to take some pictures of the Mersey estuary, security staff were insisting on summoning the anti terror police, and recording his every movement on CCTV, just in case. - Source - BBC News 4th August 2010


Cameras trained on crime - With over 3,000 security cameras now operating on the New York City Transit System, it's been revealed that police have gained access to CCTV recordings on almost 2,000 occasions last year, as part of their investigations into criminal activity. With 468 stations on the network, and millions of passengers travelling every day, crime is now apparently at an all time record low - Source - NY Daily 9th August 2010


Hail a vision for the future - The cost of hailing a taxi is set to rise in New Zealand, after the government decided to make it compulsory for every vehicle to have CCTV fitted. Installation of the systems is expected to commence next year. - Source - 10th August 2010


Justice brings it's just awards - lmmediately following the shooting of a man in Ramsgate last december, the suspect was carefully tracked to an address using the towns CCTV system. As a result of his rapid arrest and conviction, the CCTV Operator Andrew Selfridge has now been nominated for an award by the High Sheriff of Kent, citing the "prompt, efficient and professional manner in which he acted". - Source - BBC News 10th August 2010


That's no way to look - A 34 year old male has admitted four charges of unlawfully installing video surveillance cameras in womens locker rooms, located in the Central Park recreation center and a midtown YMCA in New York. It was revealed in the Manhattan Supreme Court, that the ex private school teacher had been receiving counselling, since having been fired from the school where he worked. Sentencing has been set for the 8th October - Source - NY Daily 10th August 2010





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