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The role of CCTV in modern policing?

Most police officers, certainly in the UK, will be familier with the benefits that CCTV can offer modern policing, provided of course everything goes according to plan.

Most police officers will also be accutely aware that when it comes to matters of operational efficiency, anything that can conceivably go wrong, will undoubtedly choose its moment to best effect.

There is no great mystery about what makes CCTV a thoroughly useful tool, just a scant understanding in some quarters, about how best to use it.

Apart from specific operations and perhaps video equipped traffic cars and airborne units, there are essentially two levels of CCTV which are of most importance to the average copper.

Firstly, privately owned camera systems; they may be commercial, they may be retail, they may even be installed in private houses, and yet the one thing that most of them have in common is, when it comes to assisting with an investigation, they are nearly always total crap!!

Surely not; how could Doktor Jon think such a thing possible in this enlightened ‘digital’ age.

Well, if we take a step back for a moment and consider that perhaps twenty years ago, there were no more than a couple of hundred specialist CCTV companies in the whole of the UK, and that knowledge at that time was squarely based on achieving good technical results, it tends to put our current position more accurately in perspective.

Nobody knows for sure, but with everyone from the average electrician, locksmith and in some cases even former market traders (that’s barrow, not city) jumping onto the CCTV bandwagon, it’s quite possible that there are now many tens of thousands of ‘installers’ offering their services in the U.K..

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