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Video Printers

As we move further into the brave new world of ‘digital’, there is less reliance on conventional technologies, and perhaps a greater acceptance of all things computer!

Not that long ago, if you wanted to print out an image taken from any video recording, you had to use a dedicated desktop printer, with minimal control functions and a voracious appetite for consumable products, like paper cartridges and inks.

These basic print boxes are still readily available and can output different size pictures on a variety of media, according to requirements.

Historically, the earliest printers used to produce thermal prints up to A4 size, similar in fact to the type of output from a basic fax machine. The down side of course, was that the images were not really that stable, so if they were not stored correctly, they quickly faded to grey.

The later varients used an improved print technology known as Dye Sublimation printing. Whilst still widely used in many areas of industry, recent developments in computer (and in particular printer) technology mean that hard copy image production is now virtually kids play.

Using an internal video capture card, it’s now extremely easy for anyone to snatch a picture on a PC, and then use a fairly basic inkjet or colour laser printer for hard copy output.

Whilst the use of image enhancing software such as ‘Photoshop’ could offer some benefits under certain circumstances, the overall implications for ‘doctoring’ an image that may eventually be used as first line evidence, does raise a number of problems, particularly in relation to specific UK laws, such as the Data Protection Act, and of course the Human Rights Act.

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