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All the bolt on bits of equipment ...
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Video Distribution Amplifiers (VDA)

The art of designing an effective CCTV installation, often requires a considerable amount of effort in seeking to minimise the risk to overall system integrity, through the failure of a single item.

Too often, fairly complex structures are built around a single large capacity item, like a switching matrix or a multiplexer, and all the display and recording functions remain totally dependent on this one ‘box of tricks’.

For the experienced CCTV system designer, the Video Distribution Amplifier can open up a whole range of possibilities, to help minimise the exposure to unnecessary risk. The units themselves are very straightforward in operation.

A video signal, whether it be from a camera or other source, is fed into a VDA, and is then amplified and distributed at the same level, to a number of individual outputs which can then be connected to various other pieces of equipment, such as switchers or quad units, for example.

VDA’s are generally available in a range of sizes, with one or two inputs, and normally between four and ten outputs, either as stand alone desktop boxes, or much larger and more complex rack mount systems.

Doktor Jon would have to say from experience, that the simple basis of minimising failure related risks by intelligent design, is frequently overlooked as a cost saving exercise, on the naive belief that “it’ll never happen to us”.

That really is the difference between a very well designed CCTV system, and an installation that simply fulfils the brief. As for which is the most appropriate for your needs .... well you pays yer money, and takes yer choice!

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