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Testing Times for Small Monitors

For anyone involved in installing or maintaining Closed Circuit Television systems, a range of test monitors is an absolute must; after all, if you can’t see what’s going on, how can you possibly improve on it!

In recent years, basic test monitors have developed from small (normally 5”) Cathode Ray Tube or CRT based designs, through ‘flat tube’ 4” mirrored displays, adapted designs based on video camera viewfinder modules, until todays compact colour monitors which use TFT (Thin Film Transistor) Liquid Crystal Displays (the same modules which are now increasingly being used as vehicle mounted camera display units).

As production and quality has increased significantly, so as one might expect the resulting cost continues to fall.

Now it’s quite possible for an engineer to use a small 6” portable battery operated LCD based monitor, which not only provides extremely good quality pictures, but also costs less than £ 150 ($ or € 200 - 250).

One particular unit which Doktor Jon has been using for quite some time, is actually a portable DVD player!
As well as providing a nice sized screen in a ‘laptop’ type case, the Lithium Ion battery lasts the whole day, and then a bit more.

It’s worth remembering that if you do need a small battery operated display monitor, this particular item will undoubtedly be your most important piece of test equipment, in use daily and for many years to come; so it’s a good idea to invest wisely.

Size of screen, picture quality and battery life are perhaps the three most obvious aspects to consider; but don’t forget the most important thing; if it’s difficult to use on your desk, it won't be any easier when you’re six metres up a ladder, hanging on by your teeth for dear life!!

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