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Computer Based Digital Video Recording

Whilst most CCTV equipment manufacturers have gone the ‘stand alone’ box route, many companies, particularly in the Far East, continue to develop a wide range of computer based Digital Video Recorder products.

Now the problems aren’t so much about the shape of the box, but often to do with the quality of Hard Disc Drives that are being incorporated into some of these units.

If you’re reading this then the chances are you’ve known that warm rosy glow, the feeling of peace and contentment, which is completely absent from your being at the precise moment in time when your computer decides to go AWOL. What joy, what pleasure as you fight for queen and country in a vain attempt to bring back those pages of award winning prose, so savagely torn from your grasp by a wayward disc drive.

Let’s not mince words here .... computers sometimes crash!, and when they do, it’s usually at the worst possible moment.

Now the problem with computer based DVR is that some reputable manufacturers will use good quality components suitable for heavy industrial use; whilst others will go for cheap ‘jobbing' boards and drives more suited to occasional home computer use.

If the truth be told, even some stand alone DVR’s are vulnerable to the inclusion of inferior (and significantly cheaper HDD’s and components), which means that all the expensive ‘state of the art’ technology which is going to make the world a safer place, is probably worth squat diddly if it chooses it’s moment to ‘take five’.

Whichever way you look at it, DVR’s both standalone and PC based, are in the great scheme of things a relatively new phenomenon, and it’s going to be some time before their true level of reliability is actually proven.

In the meantime, we await with interest the future development of more affordable and feature packed DVR equipment; perhaps a basic Time Lapse based on (next generation) recordable DVD (blu Ray) or caddy based removable hard drives, or even magneto optical discs, might one day become the norm for many security applications?

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