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Top 10 tips about Analogue Video Recording

Many in the CCTV Industry would have us believe that analogue recording formats like VHS and Super VHS are only inches away from the scrap heap; and yet these highly effective, modestly priced bits of proven technology,
will undoubtedly be around for some years yet. Precisely how long?

Being the ever so cautious and pragmatic soul that he is, Doktor Jon not so confidently predicts that analogue tape based Time Lapse video recorders will be in use .... at least till the end of the decade..... ish! Perhaps the only noticeable thing that has changed in the last year or two, is the apparent perception of these machines as a long term investment. With rapidly reducing unit costs, and steadily increasing service charges, whereas previously a recorder could be confidently expected to operate for perhaps seven years, they are now literally regarded as disposable, with a use and replace life of perhaps three years tops.

So with all that’s been said, and all that we feel, what are the top ten things you must know about Analogue Time Lapse video recorders:-

1) Video recordings must be managed correctly, if they are to stand any chance of being used in a court of law. Keep ‘em logged, and under lock and key!
2) As VHS and S-VHS are universal formats, it’s not a problem for law enforcement agencies to take and review an Evidential Quality tape.

3) On older machines not fitted with ‘Jog’ or ‘Shuttle’, it’s actually easier to review tapes backwards, and then press Play to watch normally.
4) Always treat both the recorder and cassettes with a degree of respect. Look after them, and they will perform beautifully.

5) Using the ‘speed’ control can allow Time Lapse recordings to be played back faster or slower, without the noise bars present in search mode.
6) Always make sure that Time, Date and Captions are accurate at all times. If they’re not, the recordings may literally be useless in court.

7) In certain situations, leave an old ‘dead’ domestic recorder plugged in and running. It’s an effective diversion from the working machine, in the event that you have to hand the video tape over to the 'bad guys'.....
8) Need to record lots of images? Can’t change the tapes ... set up a stack! Link one recorder to another; when one stops the next one starts, and so on.

9) Battery operable recorders are an absolute blessing for field deployed covert surveillance ... also dead easy to use with 'back up' power supplies.
10) Always make a point of using (and replacing) with the best quality tapes money can buy. Remember cheap tapes mean ..... crap recordings!

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