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CCTV Camera Supports

The one thing which is treated with almost total indifference, but which is actually vitally important, is the camera support bracket.

We can use the term bracket, but in fact there are a wide range of different shape and size supports, to suit practically any configuration.

At the most basic level, an indoor fixed camera has to sit on a wall or possibly a ceiling bracket. For a standard industrial grade CCTV unit, the size of support will depend on the weight of the load, and in terms of bracket arm length, whether the camera has to be positioned at an awkward angle to the wall (or ceiling).

Using a simple manually adjustable pan and tilt head (usually a lightweigh clamped ball and socket arrangement) the camera can be simply aligned and then manually locked in position.

If the camera has to be located ‘within reach’, it might be preferable to use a ‘head’ which is locked in position using a basic hex bolt or some other form of tamper resistant device.

In these situations, it is normal practice for the cables to be ‘tied off’ along the support arm, and then terminated inside a simple one gang surface mounted back box, or alternatively some modern brackets actually incorporate cable management inside the bracket itself..

For temporary lightweight indoor camera installations (such as covert operations), a small desktop mounted minpod or floor standing tripod will provide the best solution. Occasionally, a particularly difficult mounting problem may come up, but short of making a camera levitate, if you can stick one to glass, then you can pretty well place them anywhere that needs covering!

For larger weatherproof camera housings, there are a range of heavy duty wall mounting brackets, which again should be selected based on the overall weight and size of the load, along with any special requirements for arm length, or environmental considerations (e.g. high winds, snow etc.)

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