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Network CCTV Signal Transmission

As more and more commercial operators move towards integrating all their eggs into one less than adequate basket, a number of companies are keen to adopt existing computer networks, either LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network) into what they believe to be the ideal medium for CCTV signal transmission.

In one respect alone, Doktor Jon would have to seriously disagree; in most commercial environments, the structural integrity of an established data network can be quite easily compromised, with potentially devastating results to the essential video surveillance system

The whole concept of a 'self healing' network, may look fine on paper, but general considerations are normally biased towards, maintaining the network under equipment fail conditions, rather than the deliberate sabotage or bypassing of a key security protocol.

To occasionaly lose the use of a computer network is an unfortunate fact of life, but to be deliberately exposed to the possible deprivation of an essential security camera system, purely on the basis of saving a relatively small additional cabling cost, is nothing short of irresponsible.

Perhaps the supreme irony of this situation, is that whilst typing this precise page on his beloved Apple Mac Cube, Doktor Jons computer has decided for absolutely no obvious reason, to create an internal error, and then shut down without warning losing all the unsaved work (or to put it another way, the machine was so offended by what D.J. had just written, that it wilfully undertook an act of gross misconduct!)

There are of course many occasions where network surveillance using IP Video equipment, can offer distinct and appropriate advantages, but these will tend to be the exception rather than the rule. To broaden or supplement an existing established CCTV system through wider distribution of images over a network or the Internet, may indeed be hugely advantageous under certain circumstances; however, just because it can be done, doesn’t automatically mean it should be done.

Because the whole subject of Network surveillance is so clouded and misunderstood, Doktor Jon is currently developing a seperate section to explore all the various aspects in more detail. Watch this space!

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