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Guide to Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

TRUSTED - Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology for Evidence and Detection - A campaign to improve the effectiveness of existing video surveillance security systems.

CCTV Camera Operation - in a little more detail

Compact CCTV Cameras - PCB type

Most domestic grade cameras sold for home use, are built around a mass produced miniature 'PCB' or Printed Circuit Board Camera. These are generally extremely low cost units manufactured specifically for the home market.

They normally comprise of a single basic grade circuit board,enclosed in varying types of housing (most of which are sealed and so fully weatherproofed against the elements).

They are generally manufactured using basic performance Colour 300 - 330 line resolution) or Monochrome (380 - 420 line resolution) board modules, with fixed 'no iris' lenses.

It is left to the cameras circuitry (Electronic Iris) to compensate (as best it can) for any changes in the ambient lighting.

In truth, whilst most domestic cameras are built down to a price, and often with a wide range of complementary accessories available, they are really intended for a specific purpose.

When used for observing a front door or back porch etc., they are an ideal low cost solution for improving basic home security (always remember to get the basic security sorted first). However, for anything more demanding, they're not without limitations.

Unlike Domestic grade cameras which are only intended to provide acceptable quality pictures within relatively short distances, the range of industrial units on the market offers still more scope for applying these "miniature marvels".

On average, a complete working PCB camera can be 32 x 32mm in size ...or less. Many industrial PCB cameras are slightly larger, particularly if offering higher resolution / sensitivity or interchangeable lenses, and all are generally based on CCD type imagers (although there are a limited number of ultra compact MOS based units available for non critical applications).

PCB cameras are kept deliberately small by only working from a low voltage power supply, so no chunky transformers or rectifier / regulator components are necessary.


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