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Everything you need to
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Although the vast majority of fixed CCTV camera systems are currently controlled over ‘wired’ links, there are key applications where the video signal may be transmitted using dedicated microwave links, and the control systems employ seperate radio frequency transmission.

In particular, the short term deployment of mobile surveillance units, or cameras located ‘on the wrong side of the road’ can make it either impossible or impractical to provide conventional wired links.

In the United Kingdom, although it is not illegal to sell radio transmit equipment for sending video signals, it is most definitely illegal to use it.

In fact anyone caught using this type of equipment, will be classed as a ‘Pirate’ television station, made to 'walk the plank' and then fined accordingly.

The use of radio control equipment, is however totally legal provided the appropriate allocated signal frequencies are used.

In a standard control configuration, the data output from a single channel telemetry transmitter would be fed to a dedicated radio transmitter, with the wireless receiver then linked to the telemetry control card.

In practice, the same technique is equally viable if using the Infra Red transmission system, but whereas radio is broadcast over a wide area, Infra Red is a simple 'point to point' system.


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