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Believe it or not, despite the reputation of English weather, there are actually countries in the world where the sun does shine more than a couple of hours a week.

In fact, this can cause particularly serious problems for the stable operation of all CCTV cameras.

High temperatures and electronics do not make for happy bed fellows, and so if a camera is to be installed in a hot and hostile environment, there are a few things that can be done to help minimise the problems.

Firstly, by simply fitting a secondary sunshield (with about a centimetre gap) over the existing one, this can help to significantly reduce the effects of solar radiation on the main ‘top box’.

Standard practice would dictate that a small circulatory fan should be included inside the housing, to keep the air moving and prevent any nasty hotspots from developing.

In some housing designs, an additional fan can also be included which draws air between the two sunshields, a technique which can be hugely effective, although obviously not without some significant additional cost.

It is possible to include miniature cooling devices, but these are generally less successful. Water cooling is again a viable option, but really only in very extreme locations.

One important factor is that the housing sunshield must be painted a highly reflective colour, either white or silver. Too many housings are routinely painted in dark blue or black colours, which only serve to cook the camera inside.

This particular problem is quite widespread even in the U.K.

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