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Plasma Screen and Projector Displays

Although LCD panels are now readily available up to a very impressive 42"+ size units, the cost for these devices has to be whispered in reverent tones; that’s if the initial shock doesn’t kill you.

In practice, the larger flat screen market, which it has to be said is really only in the short term going to be of interest to larger CCTV control room operators or some commercial customers, is likely to be dominated by the alternative Plasma screen technology for a wee while yet.

These impressive skinny-box high resolution wall monitors are available in a range of sizes, with 60” being a popular option.

Again the price has to be taken with a very stiff drink (preferably in a comfortable seated position; less chance of any injury!), but if looked at in the overall context of what it costs to equip a modern CCTV control room, the investment may not appear quite so daunting.

Whilst Plasma screens are increasing in popularity, perhaps for their packaging more than any other reason, they are not without their disadvantages. Apart from the high price tag, which quite frankly goes with the territory, Plasma's do suffer from image retention over a period of time, and there is also the nagging suspicion that the units life expectency may not be quite as brilliant as we are led to believe.

That said, at this time there really is only one potential rival worthy of mention. Large image projectors, particularly those using the latest LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology, are more than capable of producing superb quality images on a six or seven foot (2 metre) or more, screen.
If control room space is at a premium, a structured 'back projection' system, may well be worth considering.

Although large displays will undoubtedly increase in popularity, Doktor Jon has many reservations as to whether this type of equipment is being procured for the best operational reasons, rather than the simple snob value of being able to say, “my pictures bigger than your picture!”.

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