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A potted history of CCTV - continued

Radio Transmission, has strictly speaking been more of an ‘Open Circuit Television’ technique, as the broadcast of radio signal can (albeit not legally in the U.K.) be received by anyone with the appropriately tuned receiver unit.

At higher frequencies, legally operable (licence exempt) Microwave transmission has become increasingly popular for short range wireless links, as the relative cost has effectively reduced in recent years, but its wider adoption particularly in large metropolitan areas, continues to be restricted purely on technical grounds.

Likewise, optical Infra Red (laser) transmission which has only become commercially viable in recent years, does offer a lot of potential for future development, particulalrly if manufacturers can reduce the cost and reliability on short range links.

During the late ‘60’s onwards, Slow Scan was pretty much the only way of sending images down the telephone line, to a dedicated receiver unit somewhere else in the world.

With average transmission times in the tens of seconds per picture, this was never really going to set the world alight.

The subsequent development of Fast Scan provided a means of sending virtual real time images down the phone; such that the latest developments in videoconferencing and Internet based image transfer, including Conditional Refreshment techniques and a myriad of different image compression protocols, at last offer some very real possibilities for the future development in global image transfer.

Indeed, over the next few years, with the projected improvements in cell phone technology, it will increasingly become possible to send the highest quality ‘real time ‘ images, from virtually anyone to anywhere.

Even the ongoing development of Digital radio, perhaps using MPEG-4 as the standard compression protocol, will at last allow significant advances to be made in the application of 21st century Closed Circuit Television systems.


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