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Drug Dealing in Night Clubs

The proprietor knows that there's a constant problem with drug dealing in quiet corners of the club, but from a technical viewpoint, it’s an absolute pig to try and monitor on CCTV .... or is it?

In any environment where lighting levels are poor, or the club rigs produce large amounts of pulsed or strobed illumination, there is one possible technique which can be tried ..... get rid of the lighting.

Now obviously you can't turn off all the lights, otherwise heaven knows what other offences may be committed, but there is a way of tricking a CCTV camera into doing what you want.

First off, you’ll need to use a high resolution and high sensitivity Black and White camera; well to be totally accurate, it actually needs to be highly Infra Red (IR) sensitive as well.

Whatever lens is fitted to the camera, it will need to have an IR 'pass' filter (between 800 - 900nM light frequency to be ever so technical) placed over the front of the lens, so that all other visible frequencies of light are prevented from reaching the cameras imaging sensor (the CCD); it’s important to mention that whenever cameras are required to work under Infra Red, the focus should be set under operating conditions, and not the ambient ‘white’ room lighting, otherwise you’ll possibly end up with fuzzy pictures.

Next up, discreetly position a wall mounted high power (850nM) Infra Red illuminator as an uplighter, so that all the light energy is thrown straight up to the ceiling (if the club is being run in a disused cathederal, you may have a few problems!).

The illuminator itself will not arouse any suspicions, as it’s already pointing upwards, and doesn’t appear to be switched on!

The resulting image on screen should be of a relatively high contrast shadowless image, giving very clear and hopefully detailed information, on precisely who is doing what ... and with whom!!

Don’t forget the warning signs about “CCTV in operation”, and “drug offenders will be dealt with by the police” ....
.... it's just like a red rag to a bull!


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