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Avoiding problems with hand held speed cameras


There have been a number of occasions where the use of hand held speed cameras have been called in to question, due to simple problems with maintaining a valid lock on a moving target.

A simple approach to supporting the use of these devices, would be to incorporate a basic CCTV system into the equation.If a small Infra Red optimised CCTV camera is strapped onto the the speed gun, it will not only produce a recording of the vehicle being checked, but will also provide a visual verification of the laser spot used for aligning the speed gun.

If the image from the camera is recorded, this will authenticate the correct use of the speed gun, and also provide a visual confirmation that the vehicle was speeding. The most obvious 'off the shelf' set up would be the increasingly widely used 'Head Cam' package, if the camera has been fitted with an alternative slightly telephoto lens, better suited to targetting vehicles at distance.

In practice, it would of course be far preferable if the speed gun manufacturers incorporated a miniature IR CCTV camera into their unit, and if possible include text overlay on the recording which will verify the vehicles actual recorded speed.


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