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TRUSTED - Target Recognition Using Surveillance Technology for Evidence and Detection - A campaign to improve the effectiveness of existing video surveillance security systems.

The role of CCTV in modern policing-

Most Town Centre installations are based exclusively on the principles of an ‘active’ design, with almost total reliance on remote control CCTV cameras, and the abilities of an individual operator to predict or spot
any criminal activity, or unusual behaviour.

Many column inches are written about the marvels of TC schemes for crime reduction and increasing arrests, but the simple fact is that a greater reliance on ‘passive’ systems, using a higher ratio of fixed cameras, would provide significant benefits, particularly in terms of Passive Evidential Recording (PER).

Most experts would argue that the mere presence of a scheme, will provide a significant deterrent effect; and yet the problems of crime displacement (it used to be called relocation), have been known about for over twenty years.

In fact, Doktor Jon would argue that more efficiently designed CCTV systems will provide a higher degree of success in identifying and apprehending suspects, which in itself provides a significantly heightened level of deterrence.

An easily achievable example of crime reduction, resulting from increased detection (DtD or "Deterence through Detection").

We only need to consider the current increased threat of terrorism, to realise that the chances of any remote control camera being left at a suitable setting to identify a terrorist suspect, are somewhat optimistic to put it politely.

In general terms, current TC system designs are really only going to come into their own, when faced with the highest levels of pedestrian and vehicle activity. In extremely crowded locations, pickpockets, dipping and steaming all present additional challenges which are well served by the use of remote control cameras.

However, in the vast majority of less dense environments, the design of the CCTV system could be dramatically altered to better effect.

To consider some of the more interesting options available, why not read on .....

CCTV in an average Town Centre >>

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