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The "Safety Net"
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"Safety Net"© Community based CCTV - a low cost alternative?

So if it’s a remote control camera and it’s looking the wrong way when it’s needed most, this could be a bit of a problem; singularly expensive piece of kit ... totally worthless recordings.

If you consider the simple fact that on average, one remote control TC camera could easily work out about the same cost as six, eight, or possibly even ten or more fixed recording cameras, CCTV system design suddenly begins to take on a completely alternative perspective.

Why not look towards using a much higher number of fixed dedicated and optimised CCTV cameras, to ensure a more effective integrated approach, providing an affordable public safety based security strategy.

A network of camera / recorder packages each configured for a specific task, can not only (almost) guarantee that a suspect will be captured on Evidential Quality Recording, but the overall cost suddenly becomes far more affordable.

Consider a Local Authority with perhaps 20+ major Town Centres and a significant number of minor shopping areas.

With an average system spend of around £ 300,000 per year (Euros or US $450 - 550k), they are only ever going to be able to install one new CCTV system each year (subject of course to committees agreeing the budgets annually).

You don't need to be a genius to realise that it's going to take up to twenty years to cover every major location, and that's not even allowing for the replacement of older systems when they near the end of their operational life (which is usually after 5 - 7 years).

If the same £ 300k was provided as 'pump priming' finance for a large number of community based schemes, where perhaps the communities themselves would need to find 25% of the annual funding, you're then looking at situation where they could comfortably afford to pay for hundreds of self contained CCTV cameras, complete with DVR video recording and Monitor displays.

The other major benefit for a passive Safety Net type system, is that in many situations, it will not need to comply with the Data Protection Act, unlike an 'active' operator monitored system which most certainly does have to in every situation!

One Town Centre with 15 cameras, or dozens of areas each with 10 or more CCTV cameras constantly recording..... what would you choose?

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