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So would you like to play "Spot the CCTV Camera?". Eagle eyed visitors may recognise the profusion of street furniture, surrounding a single heritage dome camera keeping watch over part  of Londons' prestigious Oxford Street shopping area.

Covert Cameras in the Countryside

One final trick; if you have a number of cameras covering a floor (perhaps in an office with only a single person present), you could use the motion detection function in a quad splitter; without any movement, all four images are displayed on screen and recorded, but when the suspect goes to the cupboard to remove the laptop
computers (or whatever else takes the thiefs fancy), hey presto the image becomes full screen ..... and it’s porridge on the menu for the next three years. No joke, but it really did happen!

Over the last twenty or so pages, we’ve been looking at the application of covert cameras for a whole range of internal problems; and yet you’ve probably been wondering why there’s suddenly a picture of three bird boxes at the top of this page.

Well now Doktor Jon can reveal all. As you’ve probably guessed by now, these aren't any old nest boxes, but keen ornithologists out there may recognise them as a specific design for a family of Blue Tits, a species native to the U.K.. That said, 2 of the 3 are in fact operational covert cameras!

Not only were these cameras specifically designed and constructed for covert surveillance in a rural location, but the units operation is also maintained throughout the year, by the use of a thermostatically controlled heater, and also a circulatory fan to prevent it overheating in hot weather.

Using standard manual iris lenses, one of the cameras has been optimised to produce a full height image of a 6’ (1.82 m) adult at around 70’ (20 metres) distance from the camera.

What about the power and signal transmission, I hear you ask.

Well, the composite cable used includes a RG 59B co- axial cable for signal transmission, along with a pair of 16/0.2mm insulated wire conductors, which carry the 12v DC power supply to the miniature camera.

You’d have thought it was a bit obvious, what with a black cable running up the back of a tree trunk;


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