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- Press Release - 6th January 2009


Pelco Recognized with Government Video Salute Award for Sarix Technology at GV Expo


Clovis, CA (January 6, 2009) ­ Pelco recently received a Government Video Salute award for its innovative Sarix Mega-Performance imaging technology platform at the GV Expo Dec. 2-4, 2008, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.

The Pelco Sarix technology received the Salute Award based on the concept behind the software platform, which can easily innovate to incorporate the latest technologies. Engineered and designed exclusively by Pelco engineers, Sarix technology delivers several advantages including ground-breaking imaging science, powerful processing power, and advanced industrial design.

The Salute Awards focus on products and technologies that are particularly appealing to the government video marketplace. To be eligible for a Salute, products must have been new and on display at GV Expo for the first time. Products or technologies that receive the Government Video Salute are nominated by industry professionals and selected unanimously by the editorial team of Government Video magazine.

The awards were presented by NewBay Media's Government Video magazine ( ) for the best new and innovative products in the professional video industry. The Sarix winning product/technology feature will be in the January 2009 issue of Government Video.

About Pelco
Pelco, Inc. is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video and security systems and equipment ideal for any industry. Pelco produces the security industry’s most respected offering of discreet camera domes and enclosures, access control, video matrix systems, next-generation digital video recorders, IP solutions and fiber optic transmission systems for video data ­ and much more.

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Photo of Camera with Sarix Technology (above) reproduced by kind permission of Pelco Inc.

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