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- Press Release - 05th January 2009


Raytec Launch FUSION 

Low Voltage IR and White-Light Illumination


Raytec have launched their latest lighting innovation; FUSION! A range of low voltage Infra-Red and White-Light illuminators, FUSION is designed to improve the performance of any camera system at night. It is easy to install, requires zero maintenance and provides ultra long life.

Fusion uses the very latest PLATINUM LED’s fitted with miniature optics to deliver World leading power and performance. Each unit is fitted with ‘Command and Control’™ technology to give the user the ability to get the best picture - every time! Fusion combines Raytec’s lighting and power control technologies into a single unit requiring only a direct 12- 24V AC/DC input, no specialist PSU is required. Each unit is fitted with Active LED Life Control™ to carefully control LED output, delivering a projected working life of 10 years.

FUSION is Raytec’s most important product launch in the CCTV market since RAYMAX and RAYLUX. FUSION products deliver World Class images at night whilst making installation easier, safer and quicker. “FUSION has been developed as a direct result of feedback from security professionals demanding a high performance low voltage illuminator. The name FUSION signifies that Raytec’s lighting and PSU technologies have been combined into a single Powerful, Flexible and Reliable unit”, David Lambert, Sales & Marketing Director.

Photo reproduced by kind permission of Raytec - (above) Fusion IR and White Light LED illuminators

For more information on lighting for low voltage applications please request your free FUSION guide - email to:- sales[at]

For further details visit:-

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