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Guide to Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

So would you like to play "Spot the CCTV Camera?". Eagle eyed visitors may recognise the profusion of street furniture, surrounding a single heritage dome camera keeping watch over part  of Londons' prestigious Oxford Street shopping area.

If you're looking for CCTV Equipment, the
Manufacturers Guide will help you find it.

The CCTV Manufacturers Guide
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Manufacturers Directory
Alphabetical listings
Individual entries
Product Manufacturers
Country of Origin
CCTV Distributors

Product Directory

Dummy Cameras
Industrial PCB cameras
B&W Bullet type cameras
Colour Bullet type cameras
Day/Night Bullet cameras
Fixed covert cameras
Vehicle mount cameras
1/3" standard B&W cameras
1/2" standard B&W cameras
1/4" standard Col. cameras
1/3" standard Col. cameras
1/2" standard Col. cameras
Network & Server cameras
Specialist cameras
Infra Red cameras
Fixed B/W Dome cameras
Fixed Colour Dome cameras
Remote control 'Dome' cameras
Pan / Tilt / Zoom cameras
Machinevision cameras
Intensifier cameras
Thermal Imaging cameras

Dummy lenses
Barrel lenses
Fixed manual iris CS lenses
Fixed manual iris C lenses
Fixed auto iris lenses
Varifocal manual lenses
Varifocal auto iris lenses
Manual Zoom lenses
Motorised Zoom lenses
Pinhole lenses
Photographic lenses
Macro lenses
Specialist optics
Lens accessories

Test monitors
Monochrome monitors
Colour Monitors (CRT)
Flat screen displays (LCD/TFT)
Plasma display units
Computer displays

Dustproof camera housing
Dummy camera housing
PCB camera housing
Weatherproof housings
Corner Mount housings
Vandal resistant housings
Specialist camera housings
Covert camera housings
Housing accessories
Support brackets
Towers and Poles

Pan only heads
Side Mount Pan 'n Tilt heads
Over the Top Pan 'n Tilt heads

Variable speed P/T heads
Specialist Pan 'n Tilt heads

Hard wired direct drive control
Relay Interface control
1 ch. Telemetry systems
8 ch. Telemetry systems
16 ch. Telemetry systems
Matrix Telemetry systems
Telemetry Receivers
Touchscreen control
Network and Internet control
Radio control

Low voltage Infra Red lamps
Mains Infra Red lamps
LED Infra Red lamps
Suitable cameras for Infra Red
Infra Red illuminators
Lenses for Infra Red
Options for using Infra Red
Effective application of I/R
Power supplies for Infra Red


Computer Based Systems
Vehicle Plate Recognition
Facial Recognition
Predictive Behaviour
Image Enhancement

Manual video switchers
Sequential video switchers
Programmable switchers
Alarm Input switchers
Remote Video switchers
Video Matrix


Picture in Picture (PIP)
Quad display multiplexers
4ch. Record Multiplexers
8ch. Record Multiplexers
8ch. Colour Multiplexers
16ch. Record Multiplexers
16ch. Colour Multiplexers
20ch. Record Multiplexers
32ch. Record Multiplexers
Screen Splitters
Computer based multiplexers

Hardwire - cable
Network & Internet
Fibre Optic
Radio & MicrowaveTX
Telephone & Mobile (cellular)
Laser Link
Mains Electric

Domestic Video Recorders
24 Hr. Time Lapse Videos
7 day Time Lapse Videos
960 Hr. Time Lapse Videos
S-VHS Time Lapse Videos
Tape Digital Video Recorders
1ch. Digital Video Recorders
4ch. Digital Video Recorders
8ch. Digital Video Recorders
16ch. Digital Video Recorders
20ch. Digital Video Recorders
32ch. Digital Video Recorders
Network Video Recorders
Computer based recording
Archiving recordings
Bulk Video Tape Erasers

Time and Date Generators
Caption Generators

Video Motion Detection
Video Loss Alarms
Video Distribution Amplifiers
Video Printers

The unique "TRUSTED" National CCTV Improvement Campaign

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