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Videotec ULISSE Pan & Tilt head


Launch of Designer Pan & Tilt Head

Dateline:- April 7th 2005, Schio, Nr. Venice, Italy.


Videotec Srl, Italy's largest specialist CCTV equipment manufacturer have recently announced the launch of their
new designer ULISSE pan and tilt positioning system.

At the forthcoming IFSEC 2005 security show being held at the NEC Birmingham (U.K.), Videotec will be publicly
exhibiting the ULISSE for the very first time.

Designed as a rugged integrated P/T head complete with housing and integral telemetry receiver, the package represents an attractive alternative to conventional dome cameras.

Fully weatherproofed, with high speed continuous rotation capability, the unit has been optimised for both manual and automated 'patrol' modes, making this package particularly suited to 'Town Centre', Traffic management and commercial surveillance applications.

As expected, a seperate wiper and Infra red capability are available as 'bolt ons', with camera control possible over both co-axial or twisted pair, utilising RS 485 / RS 422 or RS 232. as the control protocols.
Videotec Srl's headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Schio near Venice.


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