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Pelco HQ in Clovis, California USA

New Products from Pelco
Dateline:- September 14th 2005, Clovis, California, USA

< Pelco VMX 300 Video Management System

Californian based CCTV equipment manufacturer Pelco, have just announced the release of three new product lines, to compliment their already extensive catalogue.

The new Pelco 700 Series display system is a 50 inch (1.27metres ) rear projection unit, ideal for use in dedicated CCTV control rooms. The system is designed around Texas Instruments trademark Digital Light Processing or DLP technology, with superior image quality and zero burn in, during it's estimated eleven year 100,000 hour life cycle. Built into a unit only 18 inches (457mm) deep, a single display is claimed to provide the equivalent viewing area of 26 standard 9 inch CRT monitors, yet consumes 20 percent less power, and takes up 20 percent less space. The systems energy efficiency is such that an estimated 30 percent saving is also expected over equivalent plasma screen devices.

Under multiplexed display conditions, the unit can in theory accommodate up to 120 video inputs, and with it's compact design, easily lends itself to applications requiring the use of a much larger integrated video wall.

Single channel fibre optic video transmitters have been available from Pelco for some time now, but with the launch of their new 85041 and 85081 systems, multiplexed video signals can now be transmitted in real time down a single fibre. Both models are compatible with NTSC, PAL and Secam colour systems, and on standard performance exceed the specifications listed in RS 250C for medium haul signal transmission.

Both the four channel 85041 and eight channel 85081, provide 8 bit digital encoding for high quality transmission up to 2 kilometres using standard multimode fibre, and up to 30 kilometres using alternative single mode links. The modular design of these units allows either rack or wall mounting, with external power supply units, and all models provide full visual LED display to confirm signal status, data activity and power supply integrity.

To further enhance the capabilities of Pelco's established VMX 300 (-E) Video Management Systems, the company has just released new device drivers, to bring added control to matrix switchers, DVR's and NVR's. The VMX 300 is designed to provide seamless integration between existing analogue systems and emerging IP based technology, with the latest drivers specifically designed to interface the company's flagship DX 8000 DVR and seperate alarm interface and relay driver units.

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