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Flat Screen Colour Monitors

Although the vast majority of monitors currently in use around the world, are based on proven CRT technology, the emergence of flat panel displays, particularly in the IT indusrty, is set to revolutionise the future monitoring of CCTV systems.

At present, increased production of medium sized TFT (Thin Film Transistor) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) format screens means that the unit costs have started to drop noticeably within the last year or two. What would have been financially prohibitive a couple of years ago, is now a viable alternative to the heavy old technology employed in CRT monitors.

These ‘flatscreen’ display panels are made up of hundreds of thousands of individual pixels (or picture elements) which can be selectively switched to display a point colour as required.

The whole assembly is then backlit to provide a clear, sharp, streamlined, and perhaps most importantly, very long life unit, with low power consumption, minimal heat output, and .... and .... they offer a ‘flicker free’ picture which is more restful on the eyes. Sounds good so far?

The most popular models, if we dare to describe them as such, are the 14 or 15” screen size, with 12”, 20” and 22” also quite readily available. Even as you read this, development work is progressing on the production of much larger flat panel displays, which will invariably become the industry standard in years to come, as prices continue to fall. Currently, very high quality models are already available around the 42" size.

Although LCD panels may sound like the best thing since breakfast, standard high quality 14/15" models are generally around 1.5 - 2x the cost of an equivalent CRT unit ... so is that a problem?

Well if you consider all the operational and ergonomic advantages, and then accept that the flatscreen will produce a consistant quality of image, throughout almost its entire ten year life (on average), you have to ask why more people are not using them in much greater numbers.

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