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CCTV 'News in Brief' - April 2008


A blunder down under - According to the Speaker of the New South Wales Parliament, strict privacy laws may have been breached when CCTV footage from the buildings video surveillance system, was handed over to Treasury officials. The material which is recorded strictly for security purposes, was actually being used to investigate a leak of information to the media. - source - The Australian - 2nd April 2008

Getting carried away with cameras - From next month, small convenience stores in Toledo, Ohio will be compelled to operate video surveillance systems capable of storing 30 days recorded material. Under a new ordinance (byelaw) failing to operate a CCTV system around the clock, could carry a $ 100 per day fine, or the businesses could loose their licence to operate. - source - ABC13 - WTVG Toledo - 4th April 2008

Bringing a face to book - Within 48 hours of installing CCTV cameras on a Community Centre in Preston, Lancashire,.they were vandalised by local youths, who apart from causing varying degrees of criminal damage also managed to record themselves in the act. - source - Lancashire Evening Post - 4th April 2008

Shouldn't have gone to ... - An employee of Specsavers Opticians has escaped a jail sentence, after having been caught on CCTV stealing cash from her employees. In total, £ 13,000 (US$ 26,000 € 16,000) was pocketed, and only discovered when the accounts department noticed the shortfall and called in an investigator to gather evidence. - source - Express and Star - 5th April 2008

Jail House rocks - Following a successful trial of 'capture houses', West Yorkshire Police are expanding the use of properties equipped both with highly desirable goods, but also extensive CCTV and Smartwater marking systems. Any burglars entering the wired up homes, are automatically video recorded and tagged with a unique water based solution, making it almost impossible for the suspect to avoid capture. .- source - Yorkshire Evening Post - 7th April 2008

Who ya gonna call ... - A group of paranormal researchers are using a number of infra red CCTV cameras, in an attempt to record the presence of ghosts in the Wellend Museum, Niagara in Canada. - source - The Tribune - 7th April 2008

It's just not fare - Worcester City Council have announced plans to compel all taxis operating in the town, to fit CCTV and audio monitoring equipment. Whilst the Taxi Drivers Association have voiced their opposition to the proposed recording of all passengers conversations, it would appear that the councillors are unaware that the UK's Information Commissioner has only recently outlawed using microphones except in exceptional circumstances. - source - Worcester News - 7th April 2008

Celebrating with surveillance - It's been reported that the Peace and Development Council in Rangoon, Burma, have ordered the setting up of CCTV cameras, to cover the forthcoming New Year / Water Festival celebrations. Systems will be hired in from a government approved contractor, to cover the three days of festivities. - source - Mizzima News - 7th April 2008

A big bill for gates - The Beijing Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, have issued a new regulation requiring all the city's kindergarten, primary and secondary schools to have CCTV cameras installed at the main entrances, with the work due to commence by the end of the month. - source - Peoples Daily Online - 15th April 2008

When the cash ran out - Residents of Lisburn in Northern Ireland, have been left without their award winning CCTV system, after the operators pulled the plug. After months of wrangling over shortfalls in funding, the directors of Lisburn Commerce Against Crime who operate the cameras, were forced to turn off the monitoring centre, when the local council, police service and Northern Ireland Office failed to reach agreement on future funding - source - Belfast Telegraph - 17th April 2008

Raiding the Bar - Thieves who broke into the King's Head Inn in Caistor, Lincolnshire, knew exactly what they were after, when they escaped with the CCTV monitoring equipment ... and a flat screen TV - source - Market Rasen Mail - 17th April 2008

Pan ... but no tilt - In an attempt to prevent drug dealing in the ladies toilets, the Rose and Crown pub has installed CCTV cameras in the cubicles to deter anyone from preparing lines of cocaine. The cameras are positioned so as to switch images when movement is detected on the flat surfaces behind the toilet. - source - Morning - 18th April 2008

Don't mention the war ... on terror - Moves are underway to extend the powers of Germany's federal police to allow hidden security cameras, to be deployed in and around private dwellings. The change to the law would permit investigators to deploy video surveillance where individuals or their associates were believed to be involved in possible terrorist activity. - source - Deutsche Welle - 18th April 2008

Quelle surprise - In a recent poll of almost a thousand french voters, 71% indicated they were in favour of CCTV in public places; 38% were against and 1% ... je ne sais pas - source - angusreid - 18th April 2008

Taking a dim view - Routine power cuts in South Africa, are reportedly leading to a significant increase in crime. Apparently, criminals wait for the scheduled power outages, and then attack their targets in the knowledge that the security cameras are unlikely to be working .- source - Independent Online - 19th April 2008

Eye in the sky ... a soar point - It's been reported that under a government funded programme, pilotless drones could be deployed in the UK within five years, to monitor vehicles and road conditions. Development of the remote control aircraft using £ 16million in grants (US$ 32m, € 19.4m), would initially provide police with an aeriel platform to monitor accidents and traffic flow, but could equally be applied for enforcing traffic rules and catching speeding motorists.- source - TimesOnline - 20th April 2008

Something to talk about - The installation of 'Talking CCTV' into South Shields in the north east of England, was originally intended to tackle problems of littering and Anti Social Behaviour (ASB), but a recent report has highlighted a surprising twist. Whilst the equipment was used eight times to address ASB, it was used a further seventy nine times to advise cyclists to stop riding on the pavement; although 36 cyclists chose to ignore the request.- source - The Shields Gazette - 21st April 2008

Keeping order on the border - An amateur border watching group called the TechnoPatriots, are using video cameras streamed to the internet to allow their more remote members, to keep an eye on sections of the border between Mexico and Arizona. If they spot any illegal immigrants trying to cross, they then inform the federal Border Patrol officers, who are hopefully closer a bit closer to the action. - source - The Age - 22nd April 2008

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