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Current CCTV / IP Video Industry News in brief

PLEASE NOTE:- Given the rapidly increasing amount of information now being sent through for publication, Doktor Jon has decided that as from December 1st 2008, all specific Industry News Press Releases received will in future be published in their entirety, and may be viewed by visiting this current PR News index page

IndigoVision have just released their latest set of annual results, with revenues up 37% on the back of significant sales growth in both the US and European markets... - more info. on this story

JVC Professional flat panel monitors are taking up a starring role in the latest series of the TV programme 'CCTV Cities'. Produced by Steadfast Television for Channel Five, the programmes presenter Donal MacIntyre will be looking at local authority CCTV Control room operations, at key locations dotted around the UK. - more info. on this story ...

• Photo (right) - 'CCTV Cities' Presenter Donal MacIntyre in the control room hot seat >>

CCTV Photo - Bosch Video surveillance systems protect visitors to the Oktoberfest 2006 event in Germany - photo copyright Bosch Security Systems

ISNR, The International Security and National Resilience event scheduled to be held at Olympia in December, has been cancelled following a strategic decision by the organisers.

The recently refurbished NCP car park at St. Pancras International rail terminal, has benefitted from a new IP based video surveillance system supplied by Controlware Communications Systems -
more info. on this story

Videotec have announced the latest varient of their popular ULISSE camera positioning System. Designed to be fully integrated into an IP network environment, analogue video and telemetry control signals are compressed using an MPEG-4 protocol, with full D1 resolution images being streamed at up to 30fps.- more info. on this story

<< • Photo (left) - The latest Videotec Ulisse IP controllable positioning systems

Dedicated Micros have introduced their latest generation DV - IP Server, a high performance NetVu connected network Digital Video Recorder, which being Analytics Capable has been specifically developed to meet the demands of a wide range of challenging surveillance applications - more info. on this story

• Photo (right) - The latest Dedicated Micros DV-IP Server >>

IndigoVision has ben awarded a prestigious North American contract to provide their IP - CCTV surveillance solutions, to provide protection along the US - Canadian border - more info. on this story

US Based transmission equipment manufacturer Aboundi Inc have introduced their latest APL 2400 series of VersatileWire™ Quad Ethernet CoaxBridge™ products, which allow Ethernet network connections to be sustained over 2.5 km of existing co-axial cable. -
more info. on this story

The Hampshire located Paultons Park, attracts half a million visitors a year to their themed attractions. To help maintain this popular family venue, Bosch Security have supplied a range of CCTV systems which are deployed throughout the 65 acre site. - more info. on this story

Pelco have announced a new integration partnership with Orsus®, the pioneer in the field of Situation Management. Their systems are now fully compatible with Pelco's model DX 8000 and 8100 DVR's -
more info. on this story ...

IQinVision have introduced a new series of IQeye Alliance Dome cameras, as part of their PRO LINE range. Designed for external use, the cameras are constructed with a metal body and toughened Lexan dome cover, are rated at IP66, and offer VGA up to 2 MegaPixel performance complete with built in bi-directional audio function. - more info. on this story ...
• Photo (right) - An IQEye IP66 rated MegaPixel Dome Camera >>

Specialist recording and storage systems manufacturer Visimetrics, have announced the expansion of their existing Headquarters site in Prestwick, Scotland, with an additional 3,000 sq ft. Custom Configuration Centre. The new facility will provide greater capabilities for system configuration, testing and quality control procedures.. -

more info. on this story ...
• Photo (left) - The new Visimetrics Custom Configuration Centre in Prestwick

Lumenera Corporation have partnered up with Searidge Technologies tp provide vital ground based network surveillance at the Abu Dabi International Airport . - more info. on this story ... In a seperate announcement, Lumenera have confirmed that their Le Series network cameras will in future provide Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality as standard . - more info. on this story ...

• Photo (right) - Lumenera cameras deployed on the ground at Abu Dhabi Airport >>

ioimage's expertise in developing intelligent video devices, is partnering with 3VR, specialists in searchable surveillance, to provide an advanced level of video surveillance management and functionality ..- more info. on this story ...

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